Rally Is Out

Wednesday, June 10, 2009 ·

As I am writing this post, hundreds of people flock to Makati for a protest action against charter change resulting from the passing of the resolution for Constituent Assembly (Con-Ass) by the House of Representatives.

I personally believe, however, that the staging of such kind of protest does not anymore appeal for change.

Since the historic 1986 EDSA Revolution, anti-government forces have resorted to taking the fight in the streets in the hope that the administration leaders will step down from their post or heed to the protests of the masses.

Thus, we have witnessed EDSA 2, EDSA 3, rally against Charter Change (Cha-Cha), rally against Gloria and her 'I am Sorry' appeal, rally against Gloria over her NBN-ZTE deal anomaly, rally against Oil Price Hike, etc., etc.

But I see that we haven't gone too far than having the rally as an avenue for saying we are against the government. The rally has become an avenue for Political Leaders to show off and say they belong to the masses. It has become an avenue for some protesters to 'earn' 500 pesos for joining the rally. It has become a reason for traffic, work stoppage in some offices, and has made Ayala Avenue a large trash area for the protesters' flags, leaflets, paraphernalias, used water bottles, and food wrappers.

But the change we seek is still out of reach.

It maybe that the government has gone deaf in hearing the protesters' plea. It maybe that the middle class have not seen joining rallies as a worthy cause. It maybe that we haven't seen a genuine opposition leader who can spearhead the revolution against the government.

Could it be that staging rallies is not an effective catalyst for change anymore?

I believe it is about time that we, as a people who desire change to come in our country, should look for new and better strategies other than resorting to rallies that doesn't seem to create an impact anymore.

As we clamor for change, may we be able to find the ways and means to achieve it. Until then, there is none.


Paolo Abelardo said...
Wed Jun 10, 07:50:00 PM  

Ive run out of thoughts on what else could work as a solution. Gasgas na yung pagsasabing "lets just each do our own little part", kasi ginagawa na lang dapat yun at hindi na sinasabi. Atsaka kulang yun, kasi malaking part talaga ang role ng governance para maimprove ang lipunan.

Here's to hoping that a group of people really come out and step up and lead the reformation in the government. Also hoping that the sectors who want change really come up with something that actually works rather than just voice out want of change.

Ano pa ba pwede nating gawin?

siyetehan said...
Wed Jun 10, 08:03:00 PM  

it is hard nowadays for groups to spearhead a massive drive for change because they are normally tainted with "personal gains". such as the case of akonamismo wherein many people criticize and come up with stories linking to manny pangilinan.

one option, though, is for us to vote for who we think is the right person- disregarding popularity.

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