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Thursday, June 11, 2009 ·

I used to think why Hollywood movies click in the Philippine Box Office while Filipino movies plop. Then I heard a logical explanation about the big difference in the way stories are created and the way actors are selected to play the role.

In Hollywood, they create stories and pick the actors that would fit into the character on the story. No wonder why we oftentimes see and appreciate good movies even though we barely know who the actors are.

In the Philippines, however, moviemakers first pick who the in-demand actors are, then they tailor-fit stories based on the actors and actresses’ characters. And in doing so, the story becomes limited to the capability and incapability of the characters, making it insubstantial and unpleasing to the viewers.

It is no wonder why Filipino-made movies which do not dare look at the actors, but on the beauty of the stories, are not being shown in Philippine cinemas, however, we only learn that these movies exist when they get good reviews, and even garner international awards in other countries.

How does this relate as to how we choose our elected officials?

History will tell us that oftentimes, the sikat are the ones who usually get elected. This must have been the reason why political parties give much weight as to who ranks in political surveys before they select their candidates. And more often than not, wannabees who don’t fare in the surveys leave their political ambitions and settle for lower positions wherein they are sure or almost sure of winning.

Even the voting people are guilty of this act. How a candidate suddenly ranked 5 points higher in the recent Pulse Asia Survey because of his Political Advertisement and televised engagement on a noon-time show is a proof that people prefer to choose a candidate because he is popular.

But what (or who) exactly do we need?

We need a President to govern over us, yes, of course. But the qualities that we require from a President are most of the times disregarded because we tailor-fit people to become President.

We say we want BF for president.
We say we want Kabayan.
We say we want Lacson, and Roxas, and Among Ed and Villanueva.

We want them to become president, even without understanding and analyzing what qualities and characteristics we require for a President.

Do we want a president who has adept knowledge in boosting our economy?
Do we want a president who can provide peace and order?
Do we require a president who is religious, charismatic and God-fearing?
Do we need a president who is sympathetic to the poor?

Let us identify our need for a President and then choose the most qualified, rather choose a person to become president and let him do what we need.

Let us learn from Hollywood.


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