One Friday Morning

Monday, June 8, 2009 ·

And so I woke of Friday morning of the 5th of June feeling kind of different. I turned up to the mirror to see my eyes swelling and red all over.

Sore eyes! It can't be, I said to myself, thinking why and how in the world it happened at a time when I need to go to work and do a lot of stuffs in preparation for a coming Internal Audit. But there it is, right in front of the mirror, eyes red and bulgy.

One folk said, "Tag-ulan na kasi, uso na ang sore eyes (It's rainy season already, Sore Eyes is a common disease)".

But still, some other people suggets, "Nakukuha ang sore eyes dahil sa init. Ligo lang ang katapat niyan (You get sore eyes due to hot weather. You need to take a bath often)".

Which, as I would analyze, are contradicting statements. states the possible causes of Sore eyes:

irritants (dust, make up, allergens, smoke, etc.)
conjunctivitis (pink eye)
eye strain from prolonged reading, computer use
dry eyes

Lack of sleep and headaches can also cause eyes to feel sore. Quite often a warm or cool compress (wet cloth) placed over the eyes for a few minutes can help alleviate the soreness.

The doctor explained to me that sore eyes may take about 3-7 days to heal. Contagious, but not air-borne, sore eyes may be passed on to others when you share the same things, or through physical contact (and the myth that when you have eye contact, the virus will transfer to the other, is not true).

In addition to the medicine (eye drop) prescribed, he recommends never allowing other persons to use your personal things (like towels, hankies, etc.). Frequent handwashing is of course, very much advised.


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