Awaiting For What Is To Come

Wednesday, June 3, 2009 ·

I refer to my earlier post where I pointed out that the passing of House Resolution 1109 yesterday night, setting congress into a Constituent Assembly, came as a subtle surprise which crept under the radar of media and even the blogosphere.

And today, we can only let out our grievances out by posting articles in our blogs to condemn it.

I should like to re-state cocoy's article posted at FV, who I believe, shares the same sentiments as I do concerning this con-ass:

Dear Manila,

I write this still stunned. The power, the speed and the tenacity by which Philippine House Resolution 1109 transforming Congress into a Constituent Assembly was adopted, it was simply mind over matter. Your valiant and dedicated Congressmen fought sleep and sanity and reason. The Eighth Republic as you slept, Manila, was conceived and dedicated and they dream for it to endure. This even as other more important legislation were set aside like the Reproductive Health Bill and measure on Comprehensive Agrarian Reform.

While you slept, the media whose promise has always been to inform the Filipino people, failed you miserably save for coverage from ABS-CBN’s News Channel and a handful of others. It failed to be your eyes and ears at a moment you most needed it. It preferred to put sex tapes and gossip above the national interest. Perhaps they thought you wouldn’t be interested or wouldn’t care. Ratings after all are important.

Even as Mainstream Media stood idly by despite repeated calls from many of those online to COVER IT, our primary vector was Twitter. It has become a messaging service that kept the fires going. And our noise and our grievance and our indignation could only be expressed here on Cyberspace. @caffeinesparks was our eyes and ears at the Batasan. She watched and tweeted as Congress legalized insanity. Soon enough streams started coming online. There was even a point, sparks was about to be evicted from her place at the gallery.

HR1109 is by no means the End. It could be the beginning of the end. When you wake up, slow and inept the defense for the Seventh Republic may be but I hope the people will challenge the House’s stupidity in every forum. For all its worth: I urge every Filipino from every walk of life, from across the globe to rise to its defense! And our united opposition against this measure must not give any quarter. It must show every bit of tenacity that the Asses have displayed!

And now, we await for what is to come.

God bless the Philippines.


Yas Jayson said...
Sun Jun 07, 09:05:00 AM  

@siyetehan: waah. basta. ganyan lang talaga ako magsulat. maraming salamat sa pagdaan!

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