Poll Automation

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The question in my mind is: When will we ever move forward?

After months of debates whether the 2010 elections will be finally automated to give way to a fast counting of votes;

After Congress has approved and alloted a budget for the poll automation;

After the rigorous biddings;

After Smartmatic has been proclaimed the winner;

After the Pinoys finally looked forward to the Poll Automation come 2010:

It's seems we're back to zero.

This is seems to be the case as Total Information Management (TIM) Corporation backed out on its deal with Smartmatic International Corp. (Smartmatic is the winner of the bidding done by COMELEC).

Well, I don't know. It just feels bad that after all the long process, we're back to zero.

Unless, of course, if concerned authorities will iron things out and give it a go.

I hope they would.

Transformers Photos (Pinoy Style)



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Napag-usapan na rin lang ang pagkamatay ni Michael Jackson...

Namulat ako sa mundo na sikat na ang pangalang Michael Jackson, o MJ, o Jacko. Siya yung sikat na singer na kumakanta habang sumasayaw. Laging makintab ang suot, may sumbrero, may guwantes, at madalas eh putot ang pantalon. Hindi ko pa dati naa appreciate ang galing niya. Basta ang alam ko, maraming taong tumitili, umiiyak (at hinihimatay) kapag nakikita siyang kumakanta. Pandemonium na kapag kinanta niya at sinayaw ang Thriller, Black and White, Dangerous, Smooth Criminal, I'll Be There, Ben, at We Are The World.

Hindi ko na matandaan kung paanong nag-evolve si MJ mula sa pagiging negro at naging isang maputing tao. Kasabay ng misteryo ng pagpapalit kulay ni MJ ay ang walang kapagurang kaso ng pedopilya na nakasampa laban sa kanya na isa-isa ring naabsuwelto kasabay naman ng unti-unting pagkawala ng mga properties niya.

Controversies aside, Michael Jackson will always be remembered as an Icon in the Music Industry.



Sabi nila, Eraserheads defined the 90s. At hanggang ngayon, hindi pa rin nawawala ang impluwensiya ng Eheads sa Music Industry ng Pilipinas. They initiated the story that brought the likes of Rivermaya, Parokya ni Edgar, Alamid, After Image, Introvoys and the rest, to fame during the 90s.

Young people of every town were "cool" when they know how to sing and play the guitar like Ely does.

Nakakalungkot nga lang isipin, na katulad din ni Michael Jackson, nawala sa senaryo ang Eraserheads nang magpasya ang mga miyembro na mag-disband dahil sa ilang hindi pagkakaunawaan. But nevertheless, Eheads will always be a part of the history of the Philippine music.


Purefoods ang paborito kong team sa PBA. TJ Hotdogs pa sila noon, lagi kong dino-drawing sa mga lumang notebooks yung uniform nila na may nakadrawing na parang hotdog o buns ata ng tinapay yung at may nakasulat na PURE FOODS sa gitna nito. #16 si Patrimonio, #6 si Lastimosa.
Pero walang panama ang team ko sa Ginebra kung kasikatan din lang ang pag-uusapan. Inis na inis ako noon kapag kalaban ng Purefoods ang Ginebra. Dahil kahit kasi 1 minuto na lang, hindi pa rin ako mapakali kapag tumayo na at nagalit sa mga players si Jawo. At saka sasabayan ng crowd ng sigaw na HIN-YEB-RA! HIN-YEB-RA! Kapag ganyan, delikado na-malamang sa malamang eh gumana na naman ang Never Say Die attitude nila.
Hindi ko alam kung paano nahatak ng Ginebra ang pagmamahal ng mga basketball fans. Pero kung gagawa ka man ng survey ngayon ng mga pinaka popular na teams na naglaro sa PBA, paniguradong Ginebra ang Number 1.
1996 nang natuntong ako sa Maynila. Pagdating ko, sikat na sikat ang Shawarma. Lahat yata ng lugar na puntahan mo ay may nakatayong tindahan ng Shawarma.
Ganoon din daw nung mauso ang Lechon Manok-halos sa lahat ng kanto ay may nagtitinda nito. Ngayon, Andok's, Baliwag at Mang Bok's na lang ang mga prominenteng nagtitinda ng Lechon Manok sa Maynila.
Pagkatapos nang kasikatan ng Shawarma, pinagkaguluhan naman ng Kamaynilaan ang pagtitinda ng Sweet Corn- yung Nilagang Kernel Corns na ilalagay sa maliit na baso at nilalagyan ng kulay orange na Cheese Flavor. Panalo-lahat din ng kanto, meron nito.
Halos kasabayan naman ng Sweet Corn ay ang pagsikat ng Zagu Pearl Shakes. People willingly wait in long lines just to buy a grande of Buko Pandan or Cookies n' cream with extra Pearl. Cooooolllll!
Ganoon din ang tinamong kasikatan ng mga Calamares- yung mga piniritong pusit na inilalako sa mga kanto-kanto nitong 2007-2008. Pero katulad ng mga iba pang naunang pagkain na sumikat, unti-unti ring nagsawa dito ang Pinoy.
Marami pa, kung anu-ano, pana-panahon.
Ano naman kaya ang susunod?

I Support Randy David

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At last, I see a spark of hope.

I see a real opposition.

I had this interesting discussion on mlq3's Outflanking her Enemies article, discussing the possibility of GMA declaring Martial Rule to extend his term which ends in June 2010.

Another big possibility is GMA running for congresswoman in Pampanga; a rumor which keep circulating since March 2009.

A track of the discussion follows:


1. siyetehan: the queen, indeed, knows how to play, and knows how to take control of the tempo, as well.

while the administration learns from the past, i believe it is about time
also for the opposition to see the situation through, sit, discuss together, and
unite to formalize their options.

with what the people see today, the opposition doesn’t seem to care.

2. taxj: Bingo, siyetehan. History is repeating itself too soon. Simply substitute Gloria for Marcos, and the treatise remains valid.

Unfortunately, all presidential aspirants are obviously more concerned with
their personal ambitions than with the country’s welfare. They attend demos only
for the free media mileage. This is why they are outflanked by Glorias, and
people don’t fill the streets. It’s never fun watching the antics of beasts of

I see no relief even after a Gloria exit. Were the evil bitch only less so,
an extension of her sevice or disservice, in exchange for a reinvigrated Charter
through a Con Ass, would have been less intolerable. I doubt though whether a
Senateless Con Ass would prosper, with or without demos.

3. SoP: In the end, GMA has to be voted at the very least
as congresswoman in Pampanga to push trough with steps 2-10.

I don’t think she’s a shoe-in for congresswoman. I think Kapampangans will surprise Filipinos when they overwhelmingly vote for GMA’s opposition in 2010. You’ve heard it her 1st.

4. siyetehan: I just hope that the Opposition will do something
about it.

May plano na palang tumakbong kongresista si Gloria….

Is the opposition finding a formidable opponent for her? Or does the
Opposition continue to oppose eache other still?

5. SoP: I think an independent could run against her and still
win. It doesn’t have to be the opposition.


While I do not quite agree on the last statement, I believe that somebody of a credible stature could give GMA a good fight should she decide to run for congresswoman.

And so this declaration from Professor Randy David has come just in time to give a spark of hope not only for Pampanga, but for the entire nation who clamor for a major change.

As David puts it,

"Hindi puedeng salita na lang tayo nang salita [We can't just keep on talking] when we know something is wrong".

Well, then, let's get ready to rumble!!!!!

I support Randy David.

Michael Jackson Dies At Age 50


King of Pop Michael Jackson died at age 50 on Thursday, June 25, 2009.

The reason behind his death was not immediately clear. MJ was not breathing when the Los Angeles Fire Department paramedics responded to a call at his Los Angeles home about 12:30 p.m. The paramedics performed CPR and took him to the UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles, where he was proclaimed dead.

A (H1N1) Ironies

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Interesting how this pandemic A(H1N1) Virus brings ironies on us, Filipinos.


Irony #1:

Sources say the Influenza A (H1N1) Virus that struck and caused a community outbreak in Hilera, Jaen, Nueva Ecija might have originated from some Foreign Doctors who conducted a Medical Mission in the area prior to the spread of the virus.


Irony #2:

Take this case of the teen-ager who tested positive of the Influenza Virus. The girl, a balik-bayan from the US came home in the Philippines to visit her relatives in Pugad Baboy, a community in Poblacion Sur, Licab, Nueva Ecija.


Irony #3:

Inquirer.net has this interesting story:

Swine Flu has paralyzed the House of pork.

The House of Representatives whose members receive pork barrel has suspended office work for five days after reports that the country’s first swine flu-related fatality was its employee.

For the nth time, heckler has this outrageous take:

A number of congressmen scored the Department of Health for not warning
them that the first swine flu fatality was from the Lower House. Unfazed, health
officials told the solons they had nothing to worry about since there has yet to
be a documented case of human to crocodile transmission.


Irony #4:

In Jesus' time, flocks of people come to Jesus to get healed. They'd do whatever it takes in order to get His attention so they may be healed.

In fact, one woman, who had been subject to bleeding for twelve years, said:

"If I just touch His clothes, I will be healed".

Today, the Catholic dioceses are advising their parishioners not to kiss or wipe religious images with their handkerchiefs

Earlier this month, the Archdiocese of Manila issued a circular advising their priests to temporarily cease from giving communion by mouth, but for the holy host to be placed in the hand of the one receiving communion.

Parishioners were also discouraged from holding hands while singing the Our Father.

(source: philstar)

It's A Mirakol (Miracle)!!!!!

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I was watching television late last night and chanced upon this religious show/church service in NBN Channel 4.

The preacher was asking another host:

"Sino itong susunod?"

To which the host replied:

"Isa po siyang katulong, 10 years na po siyang nanonood sa ating programa, nakakapanood lang po siya kapag wala ang mga amo niya. Siya po ay may sakit na insomia".

The preacher called out the woman:

"Halika, lumapit ka. Itaas mo ang mga kamay mo."

The preacher laid his hand on the woman's head and the woman collapsed down, as two persons readily caught her before she hit the floor.

"Itaas niyo siya."

The preacher again laid his hand and the woman collapsed the second time, the two persons again caught her on her back.

"Itaas niyo ulit."

And it happened the third time.

"Itaas niyo ulit", the preacher said.

Then the preacher asked the woman, "Inaantok ka na?"

The woman replied, "Opo".

The preacher said, "Pinagaling ka na ng Panginoon".

As the congregation all clapped their hands.


You will know them by their fruits. Grapes are not gathered from thorn bushes nor figs from thistles, are they?

-Matthew 7:16

H1N1, Holdap, at ang Hirap ng Buhay


Habang sinusulat ko ang blog na ito, kinumpirma ng DOH na isang Pilipinong may sakit na A(H1N1) ang namatay ngayong araw na ito. Sa pangkasalukuyan, mahigit sa 400 kaso na ng Influenza A (H1N1) Virus ang naitala sa Pilipinas.

Ayon pa sa DOH, 80% naman ng mga naitalang kaso ay tuluyan nang gumaling, habang ang ilan pang maysakit ay kasalukuyang nagpapagaling at binibigyan ng sapat na atensiyon.

Kung susuriin, .25% lamang ang mortality rate ng mga nagkaroon ng nasabing sakit. Tumutugma ito sa statistics ng buong mundo, kung saan iniulat ng mga Health Authorities na lesss than 1% lamang naman ang namamatay dahil sa A (H1N1) Virus.

Katunayan, sa pakikipag-usap ko sa isang taxi driver nitong nakaraang Sabado, mukhang mas delikado pa yata ang Holdap kaysa sa H1N1 Virus.


Napasarap ang kwentuhan namin ni Manong Driver noong Sabado ng umaga. Kasasakay lang namin mula sa Bicutan papuntang Quezon City para sa monthly check-up ni baby nang mag-umpisa ang litanya.

Galing daw siya, sumaglit sa inuuwiang bahay sa may Alabang para mag-intrega ng 300 panggastos ng mag-anak niya. Mabuti raw at naisakay niya kami, kahit paano, sigurado nang may kita siya pabalik ng Quezon City/Manila.

Hindi naman daw kagaya ng ibang taxi driver na namimili ng pasahero. Huwag lang daw holdaper ang maisakay niya. Madali naman daw malaman kung holdaper ang pasahero. Kadalasan, kahina-hinala ang kilos, mga 2 o 3 kalalakihan na papara at magpapahatid sa "medyo" probinsiyang lugar (tulad ng Antipolo, Fairview). Malalaman at malalaman mo raw dahil hindi sila nagsasalita habang tumatakbo ang taxi. At may mararamdaman ka raw na "kakaiba".

Iniisip ko naman, eh paano pa kapag ganoon? Makaka-eskapo ka pa kaya, eh nakasakay na sa taxi mo ang mga holdaper?


Tatlong beses na daw siyang na-holdap. Na-break niya ang record nung isang driver na nasakyan ko na dalawang beses nang natiyempuhan ng mga holdaper. Ok lang sana kung kukuhanin lang ang pera, ang masakit, sabi niya, iyong sasaktan ka pa pagkatapos *sabay paglabas ng mura sa bibig niya*.

Naranasan na raw niyang paluin ng baril ng mga *sabay mura* holdaper sa balikat at sakalin ng alambre. Iniwan daw siya ng mga *sabay mura* holdaper sa isang madamo at madilim na lugar matapos siyang tadyakan palabas ng kotse. Nagising na lang siya pagkalipas ng ilang oras dahil sa kagat ng mga langgam sa buong katawan niya.

Pero kahit ganoon, pasalamat pa rin daw siya dahil hindi niya inabot ang *sabay mura* sinapit ng isa nilang kasamahan.


May kasama daw silang driver na inundayan ng saksak nung tatlong teen-agers na nangholdap dito sa may Lawton, Maynila. Hiningi daw nung *sabay mura* holdaper yung pera. Noong huhugutin na ng driver ang pera sa bulsa, biglang inundayan ng saksak ng holdaper na katabi nito ang driver dahil akala ay bubunot daw ng patalim yung driver. Kaya sumunod na rin na sumaksak ang dalawang kasama.

Naisugod pa raw ang taxi driver sa PGH, pero hindi na rin nabuhay dahil inabot ng kalawanging ice pick ang puso ng driver.

Sinagot naman ng operator ang palibing ng driver at binigyan ng P50,000 ang mga naulila.

At hanggang ngayon ay iniisip ko kung paano nila nalaman ang buong pangyayari sa pagkakaholdap sa kakilala nilang taxi driver.


Marami pa siyang kilalang pinatay na taxi driver dahil sa holdap. May isa pang iginapos daw muna tsaka inihulog sa ilog sa may papuntang Antipolo.

Meron pang isa na ilang araw na bago natagpuan ng mga barangay tanod sa loob ng compartment ang driver sa may parteng Batangas.

Madalas daw ang holdapan lalo na kapag December (magpapasko kasi at bigayan ng bonus).

Nakakalungkot at nakakainis lang talagang isipin kung bakit itong mga taong ito na may lakas at kakayahan ay kailangang mang agrabiyado ng ibang taong nagtatrabaho ng maayos para lang sa perang makukuha sa maling pamamaraan.

Hindi maaaring isisi na mahirap ang buhay. Dahil kung talagang nais magtrabaho ng isang tao ay makakakuha at makakakuha siya ng malinis at marangal na trabaho.

At gusto ko lang idagdag na ang pagmamaneho ng sasakyan, pagtitinda, paglilinis ng kalsada, paglalako ng diyaryo at pagtitinda ng fishball ay malinis at marangal na trabaho.


Napahaba ang usapan namin ni Manong driver. Hindi ko rin napansin na umabot na pala ng higit 200 ang patak ng metro. Pero ayos lang- alam ko namang parehas lumaban si manong.

Sa paghihiwalay namin ay nagkasundo kami sa isa pang mahalagang bagay- importante ang panalangin sa ating pang araw-araw na buhay. Kailangan natin ang gabay ng Diyos para sa proteksiyon at pagpapala, at sa pag-asang darating din ang mas maginhawang buhay para sa ating lahat.

The News and My Views: 22 June 2009

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Inquirer.net: Solons Meet DOH, WHO executives on A(H1N1)

The committee on health of the House of Representatives will hold a meeting
Monday with health officials and representatives of the World Health
Organization (WHO) to talk about the Influenza A(H1N1) virus amid its rapid
spread in the country.

My Views: Why only now? The pandemic virus has been sensational since April or May, and our Solons only focus on this two months after-when about 400 Filipinos are finally inflicted. Talk about the Philippines being "not ready" to face the crisis. (In short, mas interesado pa kasi sila sa isyu ni Katrina at Hayden- at sa Con Ass).


Philstar: JPE: If GMA runs, she abandons presidency

If President Arroyo decides to run for a congressional seat in
Pampanga in the 2010 elections, it would be tantamount to abandoning the
presidency, Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile said yesterday.

My Views: Pa'no ba ang scenario? GMA steps down from the Presidency to run for Congresswoman in Pampanga. Noli inherits the top position.... and then, what happens to the Philippines? Pikit-mata.


Inquirer.net: Estrada buys $1.6M Chopper for sorties

Soon, Joseph Estrada will be stumping the country on a spanking new $1.6-million
helicopter --but like President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, he is keeping the
nation guessing on his political plans for 2010

My Views: Tama nga ang sabi nila na kapag eleksiyon eh andaming perang umiikot sa Pilipinas.



Very late post.

And here are the many other bloggers who stood their ground to say NO.

Con Ass

Not Now

Usapang Transformers, Batibot, atbp.

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Napag-usapan na rin lang ang Transformers, 1980s nang mauso sa Pilipinas ang Transformers. Pinag-aagawan naming magkakalaro kung sino kami sa mga characters. Gaya ng dapat asahan, ang pinakamatanda sa amin ang naging Optimus Prime. Yung pangalawa ang naging si Bumblebee, at akong pinakabata ang naging si hindi-ko-alam-ang-pangalan na robot na parang ambulansiya yata dahil mayroon siyang wang-wang.

Hindi lang Transformers ang usong foreign cartoons noon. Sumikat din ang Voltes V, Diamos at yung mga Looney Toons na katulad nila Road Runner, Coyote, Donald and Daisy Duck, at Mickey Mouse.

Sumunod na nagpasukan ang Bioman, Shaider, Ultraman, Magmaman, at Mask Riders na laging may mga kalabang monsters na hindi mo malaman kung ano ang hitsura.


Pero all-time favorite ng mga bata ang Batibot. Paniguradong lahat ng mga bata noong panahon ng Dekada 80s eh nakisabay sa kantang:

Pagmulat ng mata
Langit nakatawa
Sa Batibot
Sa Batibot

Tayong nang magpunta
Tuklasin sa Batibot
Ang tuwa
Ang saya

Doon sa Batibot
Tayo na Tayo na
Mga bata sa Batibot
Malaki, masigla

Doon sa Batibot
Tayo nang magpunta
Mga bata sa Batibot
Malaki, masigla

Hanggang ngayon ay hindi mawala sa isipan ang mukha nila Kuya Bodjie, Ate Sienna, Ning-ning at Ging-ging, Aling Bola, at sila Sitsiritsit at Alibangbang.


Counter-part ng American children show na Sesame Street ang Batibot. Kaya nga halos magkapareho sila ng format. Kung mayroon silang Big Bird at Elmo, pambato naman ng Batibot si Pong Pagong at si Kiko Matsing.

Award-winning Children's show ang Batibot. Hindi lang dahil nakakaaliw ito, kundi dahil napaka-informative ng palabas, basic knowledge kasi ang itinuturo nito at kung masipag makinig at manood ang bata, paniguradong may matututunan siya.


Kaya naman nakakalungkot na paglipas ng maraming taon, inihinto na ang pagpo produce at pagpapalabas ng Batibot.

Kung sana nga lamang ay magkaloob ng pondo ang Gobyerno upang maitaguyod ang mga ganitong klaseng palabas upang magamit na tool o medium para maturuan ang mga batang manonood.


Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen


Michael Bay's Second installment of Transformers, Revenge of the Fallen, will hit the screens on Wednesday, June 24, 2009.
Here we'll see more of Starscream- the one who survived in the first episode, leading the Decepticons back to earth to try to reclaim Megatron's dead body. Revived, Megatron will once again assume command to take revenge vs Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and the rest of the Autobots.

Buhos Na Ulan

Wednesday, June 17, 2009 · 4 comments

Na-imagine mo na ba na nabangga ka ng tren?

Nangyari sa akin yan. Hindi imagination. Totoong pangyayari, noong 1999.

Pauwi kami noon sa Licab, Nueva Ecija ng mga kaklase ko para mag-conduct ng feasibility study na thesis requirement namin sa Accounting 14.

Alas kwatro ng umaga ang usapan, magkikita-kita kami sa tapat ng PSBA Manila tsaka didiretso sa Baliwag Transit Station sa Cubao. Kaso, paggising ko ng alas tres ng madaling araw, talagang buhos ang ulan. Dahil hindi pa naman uso ang text text noon sa mga college students, walang choice kundi tumupad sa usapan.

Nakakuha naman ako ng taxi sa may tapat ng bahay. Hindi ko naman dating gawain, pero sa likod ako ng taxi sumakay (kapag isa lang kasi ako eh laging sa tabi ako ng driver sumasakay).

Buhos pa rin ang ulan, tinahak namin ang daan ng biyaheng Lealtad-Quiapo pero napilitan kaming huminto sa may Railroad Crossing Intersection malapit sa Trabajo Market dahil bumubusina na yung paparating na tren.

Cool na cool pa si Lolo driver habang unti-unti naming nakikita ang ulo ng tren na papalapit na sa amin nang biglang nakarinig kami ng malakas na pagbangga sa may unahan ng taxi at naramdaman na lang namin na umusad kami ng mga ilang metro.

Dilat na dilat ang mata ni Lolo sa gulat. Angat ang hood ng kotse, basag ang dalawang side mirror. Apparently, noong huminto pala kami sa railroad sign eh lumagpas sa nakatakdang guhit sa kalsada ang unahan ng taxi, kaya inabot kami ng tren. Sabi ni Lolo Driver, hindi niya napansin ang guhit dahil lumubog na ang kalsada sa tubig-ulan.


Matindi kapag umulan ng biglaan sa Metro Manila. Below sea level daw kasi ang Manila, kaya normal na ang baha, lalo na sa may CAMANAVA area (Caloocan-Malabon-Navotas-Valenzuela). Bahain din dati ang Marikina. Sikat din sa baha ang España sa Maynila. Kaya kapag bumaha noon eh napipilitan kaming lumakad pauwi mula sa University Belt hanggang sa may Rotonda ng QC.

Hindi ka naman maiinip dahil lahat ng tao eh naglalakad. Nga lang, pag-uwi mo ng bahay eh kailangan mong maligo at magsabon ng ilang beses para matanggal ang mga langis ng sasakyan na kumapit na sa binti mo. Doble linis ang kailangang gawin kung dumadaan ka ng Trabajo Market dahil kasama mong naglulublob sa baha ang mga lumulutang na basura na galing sa palengke.


Ewan, pero lagi nilang sinisisi ang PAGASA at ang DepEd/CHED sa hindi maayus-ayos na paraan ng pagsususpinde ng klase. Lalo ngayon, sobrang unpredictable na daw talaga ng klima dahil sa epekto ng Global Warming. Katulad ngayong mga nagdaang araw, sikat na sikat ang araw, pero pagdating ng hapon eh biglang bubuhos ang ulan. Kung meron mang masayang masaya, eh iyong mga nagtitinda ng payong sa bangketa.


Anu't anoman, mainam na iyong laging kang handa. Magdala ng payong at jacket. Laging uminom ng multivitamins at iwasang magpa ulan. Mas mainam na iyong malusog ka kaysa sa umiinom ka ng gamot para gumaling sa sakit.

Paano Makatipid Sa Panganganak

Monday, June 15, 2009 · 3 comments

My wife and I are first-time parents of our beloved daughter meg. Knowing that she'd be born April, we took about 6 months earlier to discuss how we can raise up the would-be payment for Hospital Bills, Doctor's professional fees, not to mention our baby's personal needs (diapers, milk, clothes, crib, etc.).

Our doctor estimated the costs to be at least 40,000 for normal delivery and at least 80,000 for caesarian.

It just occured to me that really, marriage and child-bearing is no laughing matter and entails a lot of responsibilities. Financially, as one aspect. That's why entering into such kind of responsibilities require that you are financially able to raise up your own funds, and not depend on your parents' aid.

There is, an alternative, though, however, this method may not be very popular in the current times.

When I was a child, my aunt, who was a rural health midwife (later on she became Midwife Supervisor in Nueva Ecija), was the go-to-gal whenever there is someone who is about to give birth. People will call her in the wee hours of the night to fetch her and proceed to where the woman is staying.

One time when I was about five years old, she brought us together with my two older brothers in one of her assignments- a woman is about to give birth and she happened to be the owner of one of those sari-sari stores nearby our house.

The operation was successful, and after the usual proceedings, the head of the household presented us with a merienda. Slices of pan americano (tasty bread) lay in front of us, together with an opened can of "Reno Liver Spread". Must I not say that it was the first time I tasted the thing. We, brothers, must have enjoyed it because we finished off with the slices, prompting our host to say,

"Gusto niyo pa?"

To which we all answered with continuous nod.

And so they laid out another set of bread and opened another can.

Back then, midwives, or kumadronas, were a popular town figure in keeping babies safe out into the world. Villagefolks need not pay much for hospital bills or professional fees, and are not obliged to give anything, hence, they just resort to giving the midwife with a little of their harvests as a way of gratitude.

Gone may be those days, however, people still remember and are eternally indebted to others who help them and anwer their call even in the wee hours of the night.

Grains of Thought- A(H1N1) Virus & Politics

Sunday, June 14, 2009 · 0 comments

Influenza A (H1N1) Virus not only entered the Philippines. We have now reached more than 100 confirmed cases, and yesterday, the Department of Health has declared a community outbreak in Jaen, Nueva Ecija.

Just a thought- since the entrance of the Virus in the Philippines, I have never heard of any presidentiable giving his thoughts on how we can possibly contain the number of cases at the minimum.

Influenza A (H1N1) Virus is the current problem of the state.

Shouldn't they care more and give recommendations rather than mudslinging into his own opponent?

Find The Need And Fill It

Thursday, June 11, 2009 · 0 comments

I used to think why Hollywood movies click in the Philippine Box Office while Filipino movies plop. Then I heard a logical explanation about the big difference in the way stories are created and the way actors are selected to play the role.

In Hollywood, they create stories and pick the actors that would fit into the character on the story. No wonder why we oftentimes see and appreciate good movies even though we barely know who the actors are.

In the Philippines, however, moviemakers first pick who the in-demand actors are, then they tailor-fit stories based on the actors and actresses’ characters. And in doing so, the story becomes limited to the capability and incapability of the characters, making it insubstantial and unpleasing to the viewers.

It is no wonder why Filipino-made movies which do not dare look at the actors, but on the beauty of the stories, are not being shown in Philippine cinemas, however, we only learn that these movies exist when they get good reviews, and even garner international awards in other countries.

How does this relate as to how we choose our elected officials?

History will tell us that oftentimes, the sikat are the ones who usually get elected. This must have been the reason why political parties give much weight as to who ranks in political surveys before they select their candidates. And more often than not, wannabees who don’t fare in the surveys leave their political ambitions and settle for lower positions wherein they are sure or almost sure of winning.

Even the voting people are guilty of this act. How a candidate suddenly ranked 5 points higher in the recent Pulse Asia Survey because of his Political Advertisement and televised engagement on a noon-time show is a proof that people prefer to choose a candidate because he is popular.

But what (or who) exactly do we need?

We need a President to govern over us, yes, of course. But the qualities that we require from a President are most of the times disregarded because we tailor-fit people to become President.

We say we want BF for president.
We say we want Kabayan.
We say we want Lacson, and Roxas, and Among Ed and Villanueva.

We want them to become president, even without understanding and analyzing what qualities and characteristics we require for a President.

Do we want a president who has adept knowledge in boosting our economy?
Do we want a president who can provide peace and order?
Do we require a president who is religious, charismatic and God-fearing?
Do we need a president who is sympathetic to the poor?

Let us identify our need for a President and then choose the most qualified, rather choose a person to become president and let him do what we need.

Let us learn from Hollywood.

Rally Is Out

Wednesday, June 10, 2009 · 2 comments

As I am writing this post, hundreds of people flock to Makati for a protest action against charter change resulting from the passing of the resolution for Constituent Assembly (Con-Ass) by the House of Representatives.

I personally believe, however, that the staging of such kind of protest does not anymore appeal for change.

Since the historic 1986 EDSA Revolution, anti-government forces have resorted to taking the fight in the streets in the hope that the administration leaders will step down from their post or heed to the protests of the masses.

Thus, we have witnessed EDSA 2, EDSA 3, rally against Charter Change (Cha-Cha), rally against Gloria and her 'I am Sorry' appeal, rally against Gloria over her NBN-ZTE deal anomaly, rally against Oil Price Hike, etc., etc.

But I see that we haven't gone too far than having the rally as an avenue for saying we are against the government. The rally has become an avenue for Political Leaders to show off and say they belong to the masses. It has become an avenue for some protesters to 'earn' 500 pesos for joining the rally. It has become a reason for traffic, work stoppage in some offices, and has made Ayala Avenue a large trash area for the protesters' flags, leaflets, paraphernalias, used water bottles, and food wrappers.

But the change we seek is still out of reach.

It maybe that the government has gone deaf in hearing the protesters' plea. It maybe that the middle class have not seen joining rallies as a worthy cause. It maybe that we haven't seen a genuine opposition leader who can spearhead the revolution against the government.

Could it be that staging rallies is not an effective catalyst for change anymore?

I believe it is about time that we, as a people who desire change to come in our country, should look for new and better strategies other than resorting to rallies that doesn't seem to create an impact anymore.

As we clamor for change, may we be able to find the ways and means to achieve it. Until then, there is none.

Surveys and the Numbers Game

Tuesday, June 9, 2009 · 0 comments

With the 2010 election less than a year to go, the public is again spoon-fed with survey results showing Candidate A leading the pack while Candidate B trails far at the bottom. Just recently, we have heard from the news about the latest SWS and Pulse Asia Surveys giving us a glimpse of who might win as President if elections were done today.

Even network giants ABS-CBN and GMA fight relentlessly to get the top spot in the audience share. Frankly, I was disheartened few weeks ago about how one TV network tried to discredit a survey firm because they lost in the ratings. The network even supported their claim by giving comparing the survey firm’s number of clients to the other survey firm who put them in first place.

Ah, Surveys. They are everywhere. From who leads the presidential race to who might win in the senatorial elections; to whoever between GMA and ABS-CBN got the edge on last nights audience share; to how many percent of the Filipinos are unemployed; and to which amongst the government agencies are the most corrupt at all.

And, as always, somebody will always voice out a rebuttal as to one survey’s accuracy. Politicians not making it on top of the list saying surveys are not representative of the whole voting population. Media trying to say that one survey firm is not reliable. Analysts and commentators giving views that surveys are not the real thing and should not be used as basis for decision-makings.

But thru it all, Survey Firms still exist and do good business in the country. They still flourish, and even acquire more and more clients along the way.

If we try to dig and gain understanding, must we realize that maybe those people and organizations who gain top spots, and even those lose to number two or number three are the ones who keep the survey firms alive by commissioning them to do fieldwork to obtain a representative sampling?

Survey Firms will never be able to endure business if not for the many interested persons and groups who pay much in just to know what survey says about them-good or bad.

One Friday Morning

Monday, June 8, 2009 · 0 comments

And so I woke of Friday morning of the 5th of June feeling kind of different. I turned up to the mirror to see my eyes swelling and red all over.

Sore eyes! It can't be, I said to myself, thinking why and how in the world it happened at a time when I need to go to work and do a lot of stuffs in preparation for a coming Internal Audit. But there it is, right in front of the mirror, eyes red and bulgy.

One folk said, "Tag-ulan na kasi, uso na ang sore eyes (It's rainy season already, Sore Eyes is a common disease)".

But still, some other people suggets, "Nakukuha ang sore eyes dahil sa init. Ligo lang ang katapat niyan (You get sore eyes due to hot weather. You need to take a bath often)".

Which, as I would analyze, are contradicting statements.

WikiAnswers.com states the possible causes of Sore eyes:

irritants (dust, make up, allergens, smoke, etc.)
conjunctivitis (pink eye)
eye strain from prolonged reading, computer use
dry eyes

Lack of sleep and headaches can also cause eyes to feel sore. Quite often a warm or cool compress (wet cloth) placed over the eyes for a few minutes can help alleviate the soreness.

The doctor explained to me that sore eyes may take about 3-7 days to heal. Contagious, but not air-borne, sore eyes may be passed on to others when you share the same things, or through physical contact (and the myth that when you have eye contact, the virus will transfer to the other, is not true).

In addition to the medicine (eye drop) prescribed, he recommends never allowing other persons to use your personal things (like towels, hankies, etc.). Frequent handwashing is of course, very much advised.

Awaiting For What Is To Come

Wednesday, June 3, 2009 · 1 comments

I refer to my earlier post where I pointed out that the passing of House Resolution 1109 yesterday night, setting congress into a Constituent Assembly, came as a subtle surprise which crept under the radar of media and even the blogosphere.

And today, we can only let out our grievances out by posting articles in our blogs to condemn it.

I should like to re-state cocoy's article posted at FV, who I believe, shares the same sentiments as I do concerning this con-ass:

Dear Manila,

I write this still stunned. The power, the speed and the tenacity by which Philippine House Resolution 1109 transforming Congress into a Constituent Assembly was adopted, it was simply mind over matter. Your valiant and dedicated Congressmen fought sleep and sanity and reason. The Eighth Republic as you slept, Manila, was conceived and dedicated and they dream for it to endure. This even as other more important legislation were set aside like the Reproductive Health Bill and measure on Comprehensive Agrarian Reform.

While you slept, the media whose promise has always been to inform the Filipino people, failed you miserably save for coverage from ABS-CBN’s News Channel and a handful of others. It failed to be your eyes and ears at a moment you most needed it. It preferred to put sex tapes and gossip above the national interest. Perhaps they thought you wouldn’t be interested or wouldn’t care. Ratings after all are important.

Even as Mainstream Media stood idly by despite repeated calls from many of those online to COVER IT, our primary vector was Twitter. It has become a messaging service that kept the fires going. And our noise and our grievance and our indignation could only be expressed here on Cyberspace. @caffeinesparks was our eyes and ears at the Batasan. She watched and tweeted as Congress legalized insanity. Soon enough streams started coming online. There was even a point, sparks was about to be evicted from her place at the gallery.

HR1109 is by no means the End. It could be the beginning of the end. When you wake up, slow and inept the defense for the Seventh Republic may be but I hope the people will challenge the House’s stupidity in every forum. For all its worth: I urge every Filipino from every walk of life, from across the globe to rise to its defense! And our united opposition against this measure must not give any quarter. It must show every bit of tenacity that the Asses have displayed!

And now, we await for what is to come.

God bless the Philippines.

Behind The Limelight

Tuesday, June 2, 2009 · 0 comments

Thanks to Hayden Kho and his solomonic affairssssss with 40 plus women, GMA's allies have, without limelight, successfully passed a resolution to set up a Constituent Assembly (Con-Ass) that would give Gloria Arroyo the opportunity to stay in power beyond 2010.

This scheming move happened as the whole nation is going gaga over the Hayden Kho scandals.

The approval of House Resolution No. 1109 empowered Congress to convene itself into a Con-ass in which members of the House and the Senate would vote jointly—not separately—to amend the 1987 Constitution.

As Bayan Muna party-list representative warns, “this means that under 1109, we are opening the entire Constitution to amendments .... This is where Malacañang’s agenda to keep President Arroyo in power will come in”.

mlq3, in his blog, states the possible scenarios available for President Arroyo, when the Con-Ass becomes successful:

1. The President can come out strongly for the parliamentary system in her State of the Nation address in July.

2. She can play coy, since the game is afoot and she can run for congresswoman, become Speaker, then Prime Minister after 2010 ( I have made a previous post about this one).

The congress is expected to convene its deliberations today.

Binalot Sa Dilim

Monday, June 1, 2009 · 2 comments

Any caption that we can put in this picture is most welcome.

(photo taken: June 2, 2009 at Commonwealth Ave., Quezon City)


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