The Desire To Learn

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Conceive in your Mind.
And Achieve!

Make way for Tambuyoc Elementary School's proudest graduate of 2009.

Filomena Zamora has every reason to be proud of when she graduates from elementary education at the age of 71, and achieving her dream of finally getting her elementary diploma.

It is her craving for education, her desire to learn to read and write, that inspired her to prove that indeed, education knows no age limits.

Now, it's her turn to inspire others.



“I know how to add, subtract but when it’s multiplication and division then carry one, borrow one, oh that made me crazy.”

- Filomena Zamora

Enough, Pls.

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An article in last night literally caught my attention.


On Saturday, a pastor friend told me that he was invited by another pastor (from the Jesus Is Lord Movement) to come and attend a gathering at the Araneta Coliseum on March 28, 2009. Apparently, the gathering is being organized to launch Villanueva's new Political group, Bagong Pilipinas, Bagong Pilipino. The group said that their aim is to elect a "God-fearing" president.

Also on Saturday, Bro. Eddie floated the idea that he might again run for the Presidential elections in 2010, giving support to the rumor which has since been cirulating among churches about a year ago, that he is actually open to the idea of running. Bro. Eddie campaigned and lost during the 2004 elections.

To add spice, Villanueva expressed that he is open for a Bro. Eddie-Bro. Mike Tandem, thereby forecasting about 9 to 10 million strong votes from their congregation combined.

Bro. Mike Velarde of the El Shaddai group, meanwhile, is said to be happy with the invitation.

Villanueva also floated the possibility of absorbing Among Ed Panlilio, and Grace Padaca in their party.

Villanueva is quoted as saying, "Napakasakit sa akin ang desisyon na pansamantalang iwan ang pagpapastor. Pero mahal ko rin ang Pilipino. Mahal ko rin ang kaisa-isa nating bayan."

Forgive me for crying my heart over today.

I have to admit I voted for Bro. Eddie in 2004. Being a christian, I felt it was the right thing to do at that time, though, I have to clarify that our Pastor NEVER urged us to meddle with politics and/or support any candidate.

As we all know, Bro. Eddie lost and Gloria Arroyo won over allegations of cheating via the Hello Garci scandal.

Bro. Eddie, to me, transformed from becoming an evangelist to be a political opposition, ready to take charge against everything of Arroyo's moves.

Let's admit it. The 2004 elections caused division in the body of Christ. Christian leaders did try to patch things up and thought of ways for a national reconcilliation. And while things are starting to normalize, we are again confronted with the possibility of another of the same situation in 2004- and this time, Bro. Mike Velarde from a different sect is appearing in the picture.

Imagine the 2010 elections pitting Villanueva, Velarde and Panlilio in the Political Arena. We all know that the strong Iglesia ni Cristo is also meddling with the electoral process. Imagine the drama and the comedy.

Are they only the ones affected? Or will the whole of the congregations and various sect members be dragged onto the political fiasco? Do we see a battle royale among the churches?

With all due respect, Bishop Bro. Eddie, mahal din namin ang Pilipinas. Subalit masakit makita na patuloy tayong nahahati bilang isang katawan ni Kristo dahil sa mga pangyayaring ganito. Hindi kaya mas magiging malakas na puwersa tayo upang gumawa ng pagbabago sa bayan kung tayo, bilang isang katawan ni Kristo ay nagkakaisa sa ating mga adhikain para sa bayan?

Came. Saw. Conquered

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Inquirer Blog

Are we ready for change?
Posted under Ang Kapatiran, Comelec, Eleksyon 2007 Podcast
By Joy Konstantine Agustin

THE news about Among Ed Panlilio running for President literally created a buzz over the country’s political landscape. Activists hoorayed. Traditional politicians booed. Church leaders are divided. The bloggers are skeptical.

Among Ed running for president? Come on! I mean, seriously?!

Let’s face it. Minutes after Pampanga Gov. Ed Panlilio disclosed to the public that he is taking a shot at the highest post in the country, people had mixed opinions about his intentions.

As what usually happens when someone announces his intentions to run for a public office, rumors of incapability, allegations of corruption, and bad reputations start to swell and prematurely stop, if not to kill, the momentous announcement.

Yes, the voting populace is becoming more mature in choosing a candidate. We have witnessed how popular candidates lost in the 2007 elections. But as people become more mature, they start to dig deeper. They do their research. They watch the news, read the papers. They see the good and the bad sides.

And here we are, being presented an alternative and reform candidate who made a phenomenal entrance in the political scenery when he toppled and won over the political giants in Pampanga. And here we are, being presented the various reactions from seasoned politicians, political analysts and survey results that tend to help (or disturb) the way we choose our leaders.

The people clamor for change. The people have long wanted for an alternative and reform candidate to emerge and bid for the presidential post.

We want it.

But are we bold enough to choose correctly? Are we really ready?

(first posted: here in siyetehan)

Are We Ready Yet?

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The news literally created a bug buzz over the country's entire political landscape. The activists hoorayed. Seasoned politicians booed. Church leaders are divided. The bloggers are skeptic.

Among Ed running for president? Come on! I mean, seriously?!

Let's face the issue. Minutes after Pampanga Governor Ed Panlilio opened to the public that he is considering on taking a shot for the highest post, people have mixed opinions about his intentions.

As what usually happens when someone announces his intentions to run for a public office, rumors of incapability, allegations of corruption, and bad reputations are starting to swell in and prematurely stop, if not to kill, the momentous announcement.

Yes, the voting populace are becoming more mature in choosing his candidate. We have witnessed how popular candidates lost in the 2007 elections. But as the people become more mature, they start to dig deeper. They do research. They watch news and read the papers. They see the good sides and exploit the bad ones.

And here we are, being presented an alternative and reform candidate who made a phenomenal entrance in the political scenery when he toppled and won over the political giants in Pampanga. And here we are, being presented the various reactions from seasoned politicians, political analysts, and survey results that tend to help and/or disturb the way we choose our leaders.

The people clamor for change. The people have long wanted for an alternative and reform candidate to emerge and bid for the presidential post.

We want it. But are we bold enough to choose correctly?
Are we really ready yet?

Three Stooges 2010


You'll gonna love this.

Make way for the comic trio of Curly, Larry and Moe, otherwise known as the "Three Stooges". Three Stooges is known for their hilarious slapstick comedy shorts in the 1930s.

MGM Studio is set to release the movie, the script written by the Farrelly Brothers, sometime in 2010.

Sean Penn is set to play Larry, and negotiations are underway with Jim Carrey to play Curly, with the actor already making plans to gain 40 pounds to approximate the physical dimensions of Jerome "Curly" Howard.

The studio is zeroing in on Benicio Del Toro to play Moe.


Gina Pareño Wins in the 3rd Asian Film Awards


Stories like this should go to the headlines.

Actress Gina Pareño won as Best Supporting Actress in the recent 3rd Asian Film Awards for the film, "Serbis". The Asian Film Awards, Asia's counterpart of America's Oscars, was held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center on March 23, 2009.

All in all, 36 films from 11 Asian countries vied for the 13 prestigious awards given during the Awards Night.

Prior to this, Pareño already won a Best Actress trophy last year (for "Serbis"), at the 6th Pacific Meridian Film Festival in Vladivostok, Russia.

Aside from the mentioned recognitions, she was also hailed Best Actress in her movie "Kubrador" in three various international festivals- the Osian’s-Cinefan Festival of Asian and Arab Cinema in New Delhi, the International Festival of Independent Film in Brussels and the Amiens International Film Fest in France.

As mentioned on the opening post, stories like this should be acknowledged and given attention because this gives value to the Filipino's competency in the area of Arts and Entertainment.

May we all learn to recognize and appreciate when Pinoys become triumphant in his or her area of expertise.

Kudos to Gina Pareño, and many more awards to come!

Kapuso, Kapamilya, Katawa-tawa

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As if the ongoing dispute on who is number 1 is not yet enough, ABS-CBN and GMA find another reason to engage in word war over the recent issue involving the airing rights for the upcoming Pacquiao-Hatton bout (The Battle of East and West) on May 2, 2009 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

On March 18, Manny Pacquiao announced in public that the Pacquiao-Hatton fight will be aired by ABS-CBN. Inside sources say that ABS-CBN allegedly offered Pacquiao full media support in the upcoming 2010 elections.

The announcement, however, put Pacquiao in a breach of his existing contract with Solar Sports and GMA, who were airing his previous fights. After a long meeting with Solar and GMA officials in Los Angeles, Pacquiao agreed on Saturday, to honor his contract with Solar Sports. This was officially announced on Monday, March 23, via a Press Conference organized by GMA and Solar.

As this develops, ABS-CBN said that they respect Pacquiao's decision to remain in terms with Solar Sports.

But the story did not end there. To keep the flame of issue burning, Pacquiao has released another remark that has again led to a new series of word battle.

Manny Pacquiao stressed out that he did not give his go-signal for ABS-CBN to air his footage announcing his controversial decision to rescind his live contract with Solar Entertainment Corp. to hook up with the network. In a phone patch from LA, the boxing superstar claimed he only agreed to do the video for ABS-CBN and issue the statement of transfer on condition they would only be made public if he were to find contractual violations on the part of Solar.

Pacquiao was also quoted as revealing that representatives of ABS-CBN were actually the ones who prepared his previous statement insisting that the fight would be shown in ABS-CBN.

ABS-CBN issued a statement that they were surprised by Pacquiao's announcement.

"We respond because [Pacquiao’s] charge strikes at our core values as a news organization: Honest reporting and respect for our sources.”

They further clarified that Pacquiao gave consent to air the video.

Isn't it that all Pacquiao had to do in this time is to focus on his fight with Hatton?
Doesn't Pacquiao has his lawyers to take care of Contract disputes?
Does he have PR persons who can issue statements instead of him flip-flopping his words in front of the media?
And for his sake, can people please, please, please, stop Pacquiao from joining Politics?!
As the Professional Heckler humorously puts it, "In a matter of days, Pacquiao became Kapuso, Kapamilya, and Katawa-tawa."

Job Fair @ QC


Just a quick Public Service for all Job Seekers out there!

The Quezon City Government will conduct its

(a mega job and livelihood fair)

on Friday, March 27, 2009 at the Quezon City Hall Covered Walk from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

For more info, click here, or you may call the Public Employment Service Office (PESO) at 925-6045 locals 294 to 296.

Boyet Fajardo: Creative Outburst


Pagkatapos ng pamosong "Social Users" lamang daw ang mga Alabang Boys, at hindi mga totoong Drug Addicts, heto naman ang magandang palusot para sa mga Artists na biglaang nagagalit:

"Creative Outburst"

Creative Outburst. That was how Ricky Rivera, spokesman of Boyet Fajardo, describes Fajardo's abusive behavior over two staffs at Duty Free Philippines on March 13, 2009.

(Teka, eh sino nga ba si Boyet Fajardo?)

According to ABS-CBN report,

Fajardo got mad at two Duty Free employees after a cashier asked Fajardo to present an I.D. in support of the unsigned credit card he used. He reportedly said: “"Mga leche kayo! Hindi niyo ako kilala? Ako si Boyet Fajardo! At itong p...ina na babaeng ito (pointing to a lady supervisor) at ang baklang ito (pointing to the cashier) ay walang kwentang mga tao! I want them fired!!!”

Fajardo's outburst was caught on Duty Free's surveillance camera and uploaded on YouTube. It prompted negative reactions from bloggers, and an online boycott campaign of Fajardo's RTW clothes was initiated.

Rivera explains:

“Figure of speech ang kanyang ginawa eh. Bilang fashion designer, artist nga, ay minsan ay nagkakaroon ng mga creative outburst dahil na rin siguro sa pagod na nafi-feel niya ng mga panahon na iyon”

Isipin mo, may ganoon palang klase nang paglalabas ng emosyon. "Creative Outburst".

Pertaining to the boycott initiated in the Internet, Rivera said the online petitioners should consider Fajardo’s rising international status before pursuing the boycott.

“It’s sad because this happened when there are foreigners interested in bringing a Filipino brand abroad, in Switzerland, and United Arab Emirates, because his [Fajardo’s] creations are unique.”

Mr. Rivera, are you then passing the blame to the petitioners? Parang may mali naman yata dito. Kung maaapektuhan man ang popularity ni Boyet Fajardo (Boyet Who?), that's because siya rin ang may mali in the first place. We don't do scapegoats like this just because we want to preserve our kababayan's popularity.

We must be proud that Boyet Fajardo has been making names in the international fashion scene, however, this unpopular treatment he made in his own kababayans should serve as a lesson to him.

Your expertise in your craft will put you to your pedestal.
But it's your ATTITUDE that will keep you there.

Arroyo Goes To Congress


This is interesting.

President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to run for Congress in 2010?

But why go down to a lower position?

And why not?

Let's look at the scenario.

GMA's term will end in 2010, and while time is running out, and since election day is only months away, the move for Charter Change has always been prevailant. As columnist Tony Abaya points out, amending the constitution is the simplest and quickest way for Gloria to remain in power beyond 2010.

To stop the continuous clamor by the people for her to step down in 2010, GMA has time and again insisted that she will indeed step down from the palace come 2010. But political analysts are seeing a very peculiar view in the past month. Many have noticed that GMA has been frequently coming to her hometown in Lubao, Pampanga. has this report:

Ms Arroyo’s frequent trips to the province have fueled speculations that she plans to seek a congressional seat in her district in 2010.

There are talks in the local business and media circles that her plan is tied to a long-running proposal to amend the 1987 Constitution, mainly to pave the way for the shift from presidential to parliamentary form of government in which a representative can be voted as prime minister.

In other related news, Ellen Tordesillas reports that Mikey Arroyo sought the help of Pangasinan Congressman Joe De Venecia to gather additional support votes for the move to ammend the constitution in Congress.

Sources say that the Arroyos have offered the Speakership back to De Venecia if he is able to help gather the required number of votes.

Malacañang, has, however, denied the allegations.

In closing, I am reminded of a previous statement made by Gloria Arroyo herself in 2007:

"Who knows, I may run for Congress in my hometown."

Automated Polls

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2010 Polls Now Automated: Fast, Accurate.... and Fraud Free?

President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo has officially signed Republic Act 9525 yesterday, March 23, 2009, to appropriate an 11.3 Billion Pesos supplemental budget for the full automation of the 2010 National and Local Elections.

With the use of the Automated Polls, it is expected that the results will be known to the public within days after the voting day, instead of weeks and months. Additionally, it gives hope to erradicate poll fraud caused about by the manual voting during the previous elections.

Some politicians are skeptical about the automated elections system, however. Chiz Escudero, in his blog, explains why he isn't in favor of the automation.

Chiz reasons:

"I am not against automation, I am in favor of automation, at the concept and as a process. Ang takot ko lang po ay simple, ang sabi nila automation of election equals clean election. Ang tanong ko, gaano tayo kasigurado na from manual cheating hindi tayo mapupunta sa automated cheating, mula sa retail cheating hindi tayo mapupunta sa wholesale cheating?"

In as much as the bill has already been signed and agreed upon by GMA, we must need to be hopeful of what this new system promises us. The key is in making sure that we, as a people, are vigilant enough to participate in watching how the bidding is done. Let us also be aware that our responsibilities does not end in voting, but also in making sure that our votes are counted, and counted correctly.

Para sa huli, wala tayong maririnig na mga pulitikong nagsasabi na

"Hindi ako natalo... dinaya ako".

Panlilio: President?

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Father-Governor-Among Ed Panlilio is said to be considering joining the Presidential race on 2010.

This was officially announced to the public via an endorsement of the Kaya Natin! Movement and other various organizations on Sunday. The group has endorsed the tandem of Panlilio (for President) and Isabela Governor Grace Padaca (for Vice President).

While some did see a positive view on the latest issue, others have serious doubts whether Panlilio is up for the challenge when he becomes President. Hindi raw kasi kasundo ni Among Ed ang mga Mayors and even the Board Members of Pampanga. If we look at it on a larger scale, suppose Among Ed becomes the country's president, can he manage well and effectively govern the entire nation kung hindi naman niya kasundo ang mga lawmakers?

I think this same thing happens in Nueva Ecija. While Governor Oyie Umali was able to topple down the Joson's dynastic hold of the governorship last 2007 elections, majority naman ng Sangguniang Panlalawigan, headed by Vice Governor Edward Joson, ay hindi niya kasundo, kaya hindi gaanong umuusad ang mga reforms and changes na gusto niyang ipatupad sa probinsiya.

Perhaps Panlilio's candidacy for President may only be made formidable if a known Political Party will endorse him and/or adopt him to be the standard bearer. But from the looks of it, malabong mangyari.

Job Searching

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A lot of companies around the world are now affected by the economic recession which started in the last quarter of 2008 in the United States. As a result, many employees were laid off from their jobs. Even in the Philippines, we have witnessed a lot of companies who have either retrenched employees, or totally closed business, samples of which are Fedex and Intel. Even BPOs, which boomed business in the past 2 years are also affected.
As expected, the country's unemployment rate has now increased to 27.9%, according to the latest SWS survey. In addition, we are expecting a swarm of jobseekers coming from the new graduates this April. And so many people are unsure if they have job opportunities waiting for them here in the Philippines. reports that many jobseekers are hunting jobs online via the government job website, While the government assures that they are doing their best to address the unemployment issue, jobseekers should also initiate in helping themselves.
Other than the government job site, people can do job search via various job search engines, like Jobstreet and Jobsdb. Aside from the Internet, classified ads for jobs may also be seen on newspapers and broadsheets. Local governments and other companies also conduct job fairs.
In this time of economic and employment unrest, we need to keep in mind that having a positive attitude is very, very important. Let's clear our mind and take away the negative thoughts that hinder us from taking what's best for us.
for some Job Hunting Tips, click here.


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Likas sa pagiging masiste ang pinoy.

Sa katunayan, nag-evolve na nga ang tawag natin sa simpleng kwentuhan. May siyetehan, kyawkyawan, kwentong barbero, maboteng usapan, at tsismisan. At para sa mga kabataan- bonding moment.

Nag-improve na rin ang kwentuhan, dahil hindi lang sa simpleng pagkikita-kita sa harapan ng mga sari-sari store nagkakaroon ng kwentuhan. Nakikipagkwentuhan na rin ang Pinoy kasabay ng paghigop ng kape sa starbucks, pagnguya ng boy bawang sa mga inuman sessions, at ngayon- maging sa internet ay pwede nang magkwentuhan.

Mapa-pulitika, showbiz, o kung anupaman, panalo ang Pinoy sa kwentuhan.

Hangarin ng site na ito na magkaroon ng malayang talakayan at balitaktakan ang bawat isa.

Welcome ka, welcome tayong lahat na bumisita at makipagpalitan ng kani-kanyang kuru-kuro dito sa Siyetehan.


Kung kayo ay may nais na ipabatid na balita, suhestiyon, komento, o anupaman, maaaring mag-email sa: .


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