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Monday, March 23, 2009 ·

2010 Polls Now Automated: Fast, Accurate.... and Fraud Free?

President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo has officially signed Republic Act 9525 yesterday, March 23, 2009, to appropriate an 11.3 Billion Pesos supplemental budget for the full automation of the 2010 National and Local Elections.

With the use of the Automated Polls, it is expected that the results will be known to the public within days after the voting day, instead of weeks and months. Additionally, it gives hope to erradicate poll fraud caused about by the manual voting during the previous elections.

Some politicians are skeptical about the automated elections system, however. Chiz Escudero, in his blog, explains why he isn't in favor of the automation.

Chiz reasons:

"I am not against automation, I am in favor of automation, at the concept and as a process. Ang takot ko lang po ay simple, ang sabi nila automation of election equals clean election. Ang tanong ko, gaano tayo kasigurado na from manual cheating hindi tayo mapupunta sa automated cheating, mula sa retail cheating hindi tayo mapupunta sa wholesale cheating?"

In as much as the bill has already been signed and agreed upon by GMA, we must need to be hopeful of what this new system promises us. The key is in making sure that we, as a people, are vigilant enough to participate in watching how the bidding is done. Let us also be aware that our responsibilities does not end in voting, but also in making sure that our votes are counted, and counted correctly.

Para sa huli, wala tayong maririnig na mga pulitikong nagsasabi na

"Hindi ako natalo... dinaya ako".


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