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Friday, March 20, 2009 ·

A lot of companies around the world are now affected by the economic recession which started in the last quarter of 2008 in the United States. As a result, many employees were laid off from their jobs. Even in the Philippines, we have witnessed a lot of companies who have either retrenched employees, or totally closed business, samples of which are Fedex and Intel. Even BPOs, which boomed business in the past 2 years are also affected.
As expected, the country's unemployment rate has now increased to 27.9%, according to the latest SWS survey. In addition, we are expecting a swarm of jobseekers coming from the new graduates this April. And so many people are unsure if they have job opportunities waiting for them here in the Philippines. reports that many jobseekers are hunting jobs online via the government job website, While the government assures that they are doing their best to address the unemployment issue, jobseekers should also initiate in helping themselves.
Other than the government job site, people can do job search via various job search engines, like Jobstreet and Jobsdb. Aside from the Internet, classified ads for jobs may also be seen on newspapers and broadsheets. Local governments and other companies also conduct job fairs.
In this time of economic and employment unrest, we need to keep in mind that having a positive attitude is very, very important. Let's clear our mind and take away the negative thoughts that hinder us from taking what's best for us.
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