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Friday, March 27, 2009 ·

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Are we ready for change?
Posted under Ang Kapatiran, Comelec, Eleksyon 2007 Podcast
By Joy Konstantine Agustin

THE news about Among Ed Panlilio running for President literally created a buzz over the country’s political landscape. Activists hoorayed. Traditional politicians booed. Church leaders are divided. The bloggers are skeptical.

Among Ed running for president? Come on! I mean, seriously?!

Let’s face it. Minutes after Pampanga Gov. Ed Panlilio disclosed to the public that he is taking a shot at the highest post in the country, people had mixed opinions about his intentions.

As what usually happens when someone announces his intentions to run for a public office, rumors of incapability, allegations of corruption, and bad reputations start to swell and prematurely stop, if not to kill, the momentous announcement.

Yes, the voting populace is becoming more mature in choosing a candidate. We have witnessed how popular candidates lost in the 2007 elections. But as people become more mature, they start to dig deeper. They do their research. They watch the news, read the papers. They see the good and the bad sides.

And here we are, being presented an alternative and reform candidate who made a phenomenal entrance in the political scenery when he toppled and won over the political giants in Pampanga. And here we are, being presented the various reactions from seasoned politicians, political analysts and survey results that tend to help (or disturb) the way we choose our leaders.

The people clamor for change. The people have long wanted for an alternative and reform candidate to emerge and bid for the presidential post.

We want it.

But are we bold enough to choose correctly? Are we really ready?

(first posted: here in siyetehan)


jerome pueyo via inquirerblog said...
Tue Apr 07, 07:22:00 PM  

where can we donate money for the candidacy of father ED PANLILIO for president, we are very happy to hear from him running for president, tnx

mario via inquirerblog said...
Tue Apr 07, 07:23:00 PM  


mario via inquirerblog said...
Tue Apr 07, 07:26:00 PM  


maria via inquirerblog said...
Tue Apr 07, 07:27:00 PM  


jimmy via inquirerblog said...
Tue Apr 07, 07:36:00 PM  

Dear Joy,

Yes, we are ready for a change, absolutely, but this does not mean having padaca, panlilio, and robredo in the frontline to bring home the bacon for the filipinos.The political phenomenon they did at their first entry in public office was just local and cannot be duplicated by a national ambition.Like in the case of Panlilio, who is now facing a move of being defrock by the church for violating the Canon Law, which forbids all priests and bishops in entering politics and joining labor unions. What if he gets
interdicted by the Vatican or the Pope, can we still rally the people for this kind of reform that we deserve when he himself has been a problem of the church.
I have read an article in this newspaper about an archbishop from Visayas asking Panlilio to resign from the priesthood, before running again for any public office to avoid the church to being drag further in any kind of controversy, because his standing in politics has brought a painful experience to the church - a divided clergy in Pampanga. It’s the advocacy of the church to lure more faithful to enter the priesthood but not a priest leaving the church in exchange of a political life.
Where will they get the wherewithal to support their ambition. By hoping that all OFW’s will contribute $5.00 or more that is next to impossible, considering now that the global economic recession will last until 2010 as predicted, it’s a shame to tackle this endeavor.
Yes, the change we need and reforms we deserve are just by our side. Take a close look on the different aspirants for the presidency. One of them is determined to give us our dream, not a priest but with an impeccable character, not a bishop but with good breeding, not a seminarian but reared in good catholic schools and studied in a prestigious university in the US to broaden his mastery in economics.
With this ’saying’, the beauty in Philippine politics remains to be seen - ” All tomatoes put into one basket gets rotten, but not for one.” Let us cherish this one tomato.

rico baltazar via inquirerblog said...
Tue Apr 07, 07:37:00 PM  

Yes I’m Ready and I will vote for the next Lee Kuan Yew of the Philippines Bayani Fernando! Matalino, Bilyonaryo pero hindi magnanakaw, masipag, magaling na administrador at Vissionary Leader w/ strong Political Will.

fred roda via inquirerblog said...
Tue Apr 07, 07:38:00 PM  

and when will be the best time for us to be ready for a “CHANGE”???



jocken via inquirerblog said...
Tue Apr 07, 07:38:00 PM  

Among Ed for President?? So far far, I don’t find anybody to whom I can consider less evil than him. He might have failed to move Pampanga forward but this is understandable considering the presense of politics sorrounding this province. Its him against the world in Pampanga. Fighting corruption today is like David fighting against Goliath. I can only pray for him to go on and that God will hear our prayer . . . jocken

pat dagapioso via inquirerblog said...
Tue Apr 07, 08:26:00 PM  

Ready? Not yet!

Most filipinos are easily swayed by the power of m$n$y!!!!! lots of it!!!!! logic: most filipinos ae poor!!!!!!!!!!

but if you are asking can we accept among ed as a contender, yes we can!

filipinos love colorful politics, we see politics as a game show contest, who presents himself more favorable to the eyes and ears to the people usually wins the elections (see Erap para sa mahirap, GMA as Nora look-a-alike)….so Among ed is a welcome addition…

but to the extent of electing among ed as the new president seems to be odd, there’s a factor need not be asked, only if among ed will use the tactics used by TraPo(liticians), he will have a great probability of winning…

since among ed’s makeover is that of an honest man, he is a sure bet of not using those tactics….

can he win? only if the people will vote honestly….i think there is a great possibility, but it takes a miracle to do it….people nowadays are not honest, save for some… many of us will say they ae honest? about a few… how many of us will say that they did follow basic ules in the oads, maket o even in schools? a few of us…..

see, a few can’t make enough votes to win an honest man…..

moe so, panlilio is surrounded by able and cunning politicians who are willing to use any means to win (political adventurism- lacson, villar, escudero, legarda, roxas and estrada)….

it’s a sad country….

i expect a miracle!!!!!!!!

rico dela paz via inquirerblog said...
Tue Apr 07, 08:27:00 PM  

Change starts within us.

“What this Country needs is not ust a change OF men but a change IN men.”
— Dick Gordon, 1980 Inaugural
Speech as Mayor of Olongapo City

edward via inquirerblog said...
Tue Apr 07, 08:28:00 PM  

There are many players in our election scenario.

First, there are the aspiring candidates. I can divide them into two: those who really want to serve for the improvement of the nation and those who are for self interest. There are of course in-betweens but you get the idea.

Second there are the supporters. I can divide them to the ones who are genuinely supporting the cause and seek nothing in return from those who support because of the favor they’ll get if their candidate wins.

Third there is the media. I’d like to divide them to the ones who are objective and responsible in relaying the facts of the matter that can help voters make the best decision from those who choose sensationalized stories because they sell more.

Then there are also the implementors of the election. There are those who are seeking to implement fair and honest election and those who are bent on rigging it for personal gain.

Lastly there are the voters. There are several categories I can divide them but I will just divide them from those who are responsible to make a good vote and those who are not.

Bottom line, I think that the common denominator needed across all these players is this selfless attitude. If we are all focused on our own interests, the change for the better will be difficult to achieve.

roberto petilla via inquirerblog said...
Tue Apr 07, 08:28:00 PM  

we can not do it urgently dapat dahan dahan.See what happen in Pampanga! Kung ang pagbasehan natin ay ang improvement ng paniningil ng quarry sa Pampanga ay kulang na bases yun para
sa pagkapangulo ng Pilipinas.Pang local lang yan! Pls be careful sa mga naghahangad ng madalian na pagbabago baka ma trap tayo.Communist lang ang may ganyan na systema.Ingat!

taga sampaloc via inquirerblog said...
Tue Apr 07, 08:30:00 PM  

We are ready for a change since day one but the interest group that continues to expand its power and influence in the government is not.

Unless our elected president will have the leadership and guts to stand up against this group, corruption and criminality like it has been since 1986 will be the same.

There is a little of Obama in Ed Panlilio, the former started as a reluctant candidate and the same can be said of the latter. This is out of the playbook of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”; you do not tell the crowd what you want but you let them tell you what they want. CLEVER!

I know Obama is a protege of Alinsky and he understands the book better than anyone. I don’t know Among Ed.

Given that the source of our problems is coming from the interest group that is in the military ( corruption and silencing of dissent), would it make sense to elect a president who is from within the military?

What if we can find such a man with the integrity and guts to live his belief that he is willing to go to jail?

Would B. Gen. Lim fit the bill? I don’t know if he is eloquent and charming to capture the public imagination and money cannot buy that.

He has integrity because he does the right thing when no is watching; most politicians with wives and girlfriends would fail this test of integrity and as many of us when we run the red lights or do jaywalking or littering.

At end of the day, we need an insider who would have the will and guts to effect change in the government.

eboy via inquirerblog said...
Tue Apr 07, 08:30:00 PM  

In my opinion, Gov. Ed can bring the much needed breath of fresh air to Philippine politics (which I think we can all agree) has become as much of a media cirus as its perpetually intwined siamese twin - the showbiz industry.

He just might be able to pull an Obama, in the same way the American people were clamoring for change after 8 disastrous years with Bush, Gov. Ed can also bring into the table a sincerity and transparency on a national level, which he has already shown in his public service in Pampanga.

Is he the best man for the job? maybe not. There are countless others in politics right now, with impressive degrees from top universities; but at this time, I think I’d rather have an honest person run the country, instead of a smart one.

siyetehan said...
Tue Apr 07, 08:31:00 PM  

in support, bro. eddie villanueva in 2004 was fielded as an alternative reform candidate. We had the Kapatiran movement in 2007. But none of them ever won or, even became formidable contenders in the elections.

are we really ready?

sabel said...
Tue Apr 07, 08:33:00 PM  

Panlilio-Pandaca??? got to do a lot of research pa. Hindi naman kasi magandang ideya ‘yung ginagamit lang ang pagiging “alagad ng Diyos” as weapon for their win. But I’m not judging Panlilio. As I said, more research to do…especially that it’ll be my first time to vote for the national election in 2010. On my list, though, are Sen. Ping Lacson, VP Noli De Castro and Sen. Manny Villar… Ang hirap mamili! ugh. Puro may ibubuga kasi.

don solivio via inquirerblog said...
Tue Apr 07, 08:33:00 PM  

A lot of not so decent people will surely feel uncomfortable when an honest person steps in…

We are through with geniuses, movie personalities and trapos; this could be a it. First he was willing to let go of the earthly pleasure by becoming a priest, what more can we ask of him? Try asking yourself if you can do the same feat.

bruce via inquirerblog said...
Tue Apr 07, 08:34:00 PM  

I am worried that it is too early for Gov Ed to run. That he is not the experienced, seasoned reformer but rather just a symbol and that if elected he will be destroyed by the entrenched interests of Imperial Manila. It is better that he stays put, build a shining model reformed province and gain the needed experience to truly reform the national government, then to reach too early too fast and thereby fail.

pinoypower said...
Tue Apr 07, 08:35:00 PM  

Perhaps the question here is not are we really ready but is Ed Panlilio ready? And competent? What has he proven? Good intentions and ideals are not enough. There are many Filipinos who have it.
Back to Panlilio, what has he done for Pampanga to qualify him to have a go for the highest post. Are poverty, drug abuse, corruption, jueteng and other forms of gambling, prostitution, insurgency and many ills of the society gone in Pampanga? If the answer is no then “Wala pang himala sa Pampanga” and it will take an even bigger miracle for Panlilio to win the presidency. Running is one thing but winning is another.
Nothing is wrong in dreaming but let us be realistic when dealing with the future of our country.

gregory castro via inquirerblog said...
Tue Apr 07, 08:37:00 PM  

the panlilio-padaca tandem will be a monster hit. we are more than ready for a change. enough of the trapos; the highly educated who offer solutions only to break them. enough of the arroyos (joker, included).

taga sampaloc via inquirerblog said...
Tue Apr 07, 08:38:00 PM  

Integrity, which is doing the right thing EVEN WHEN NO ONE IS WATCHING, should be the main test of anyone that seeks our votes for elected position.

We know that Among Ed got integrity when he disclosed the 500,000 pesos bribe given by the palace in a brown paper bag.I was amazed!

However, when BGen. Danny Lim refused to be coerced by this government and decided to live what he believes that he went to jail for it, I was floored! He got integrity and he should be the gold standard for anyone in the government service. Do you agree?

ann ramos via inquirerblog said...
Tue Apr 07, 08:39:00 PM  

the gov’t is doin everythin for charter change… they have other thin’s to look into… filipinos who are in philippines or who are in abroad wont vote for cha cha… most of us are no to cha cha… the gov’t should listen to the voice to the people and for the people…

aries arugay via inquirerblog said...
Tue Apr 07, 08:40:00 PM  

I think the proper question to ask is if the existing political elite in our society ready for change. The people have been clamoring for it for decades and all we get are the same people playing musical chairs with one another. I think rather than be divided on who will we support for the 2010 elections we should first consolidate on the mission that we have for the 2010 elections - substantial and meaningful change. So my challenge to those absurd enough to run for president - “Do you represent change? And if yes, what kind? I want to see your plan of action. And would you be willing to be accountable for failure to implement that plan of change?”

rico mario via inquirerblog said...
Tue Apr 07, 08:40:00 PM  

‘Winnability’ This is how the Trapos poison the minds of the Filipino Voters.Trapos form opposition, Trapos from Lakas Cmd & Kampi.They invest huge amount of money sa FAKE SURVEY.Brainwashing the voters that the standard in choosing a candidate is all about Winnability.Patay na yung magagaling na kandidato na kagaya ni Bayani Fernando because he is a threat, Ilalaglag nila ito sa survey.Threat dahil hindi siya MAgNANAKAW.Is Teodoro winnable? Of course NO ! Pero magtataka kayo gusto siya ng Partido Lakas, Kampi.Ayaw nila kay BF.I am residing here in USA but come 2010 uuwi ako to Vote.I will vote for Bayani Fernando.BF, Right now is the only qualified leader who has the qualities of a great President.Alam na Alam nyo yan di po ba? So let us all counter the works of these Trapos by saying that Bayani Fernando is WINNABLE because our country needs him.Ngayon Na! Now is the perfect time habang bata pa at healthy pa si BF.KAYA NATIN !

marty via inquireblog said...
Tue Apr 07, 08:41:00 PM  

i remember the late Sen. Raul Roco.. too bad. we never lose sight of great leaders..yet we never voted for them. and thats the crux of the matter at hand.

pinoypower said...
Wed May 06, 03:16:00 AM  

I think we are all one in the search for a good leader for our country in 2010. I respect the opinions of everyone in this forum but at the same time we have to express our concern for some issues which are debatable. One such thing is about Bayani Fernando which Rico Mario says is a good presidantiable and that he will come home to vote for him in 2010. That would really be good so you would have a chance to see for yourself how good BF is doing with MMDA. I’ve been on an emergency leave last week and all I can say is that BF has to clean his own backyard before he aspire for the presidency. In a span of six days I’ve been flagged for three alleged traffic violations and inspite of the willingness to be given traffic citations the MMDA traffic enforcers suggested and accepted bribes instead. I would have felt better if they had given me legal fines but at the same time I felt bad for being a party to a corrupt practice.
Surely, BF will say that I should have reported this incident to MMDA and they would have acted accordingly. My point is if your backyard is dirty do you need your neighbors to tell you that and that you have to clean it. A good leader must do it with initiative.
Lastly, isn’t it double standard in law enforcement that BF tore down tarpaulins in Metro Manila only to put up his own images praising his achievements?

cebuano via inquirerblog said...
Wed May 06, 03:17:00 AM  

I second the motion for the comment for Pinoypower, the question really here is ” How Father or Gov. Ed Panlilio handle the goverment together with corrupt politicians? I said Corrupt Poiliticians because, in my personal opinion all politicians are corrupt. They forgot that Politics is a Public Service not a Bread and Butter. All Politicians are expending much money in achieving their ambition particularly during Election compaign. The question is, how much they earn from their monthly salary in one term. Do their expenditures during Election compaign was equally compensated? and earn more? and that is why some politicians are badly needed the position?
Several years ago,. i heard that the monthly salary of a Senator is 35K only and in five years they will earn 2.1M only and during Election compaign they expend much more than that earnings. Definitely, there were corruption. There are some forms of corruption. This is not the way, total overhauling is needed to correct this bad habit of us. We need an iron hand to guide us and to decipline those bad people around.

I hope my contribution will shed light to others that until now still in the great slumber of nowhere.

rob' ramos said...
Wed May 06, 03:19:00 AM  

So what’s wrong in questioning the qualifications of Ed Panlilio?

You said it yourself, Ms. Agustin: as a polity matures, it digs deeper. It increasingly is less beholden to the spinning PR professionals like me do to giftwrap and prettify “non-reform” candidates.

Just because Gov. Panlilio is an “alternative” and “reform” candidate, is he then immune to scrutiny?

siyetehan said...
Wed May 06, 03:25:00 AM  

rob’ ramos:

there is nothing wrong with questioning the qualifications of any candidate.

however, since we are surrounded with various media, it is very difficult to understand which is right and which is wrong on a candidate’s integrity. to add, even other politicians start to look for negative things and exploit it in the media.

are the people ready to do their own research and not be swayed by what other people say about a person?

if the answer is yes, then we are heading towards a good Philippines

roger lasquite via inquirerblog said...
Wed May 06, 03:28:00 AM  

‘you have change’,halos tutwing umaga sa paborito naming ‘kapehan’ eyun ang bati sa amin ng isang ‘homeless marahil,at mapapaisip ka kahit dito e meron ding nanghihingi at syempre bigay ako lagi,kahit saway minsan-minsan tong ksama ko,…so,’change,isa pa eto pag-binasa ko ito e nakukuha ko tuloy ang lagayan ko ng barya sa bulsa ko at kinukuha ko ang lagayan ko ng pondo ng bayan,na lata ng pop at hinuhulog ko,
doon,…ang konting barya ko…’naglilibang lang po muna sa konting joke!!! ‘corny ano po?, “pero isa lang ito kahit biro na pwedeng maging simula ng pagbabago,alkansiya ng mga baryang naiipon,na alam ko na makakatulong sa akin,sa amin o kung saan pa man,sa panahon na napino na o talagang matindi ang pangangailangan,tulad ngayon,…ha,ha recession baga? at yung pag-aabot sa mga nanghihingi ng kahit barya lang daw,…kahit pa kung minsan e kahit buo e pwede namiang i-abot…tayo ngayon sa mga usapan dito e,opinyon lang at mga konting ‘pampalakas na ’salita’ e maadalas e hindi pa natin maibigay,…ako man e kasama doon,at tutuo,mahirap at mabagal ang ‘change’ o tila ‘chains’ na yata minsan,ha,ha,-sa sarili lalo na yung sa mga kita na nating kailangang-kailangan,pero alam ko ‘kaya’ at matitiyaga. Tulad ng pagsusulat dito,minsan e manghihina ka,ok lang marahil,pero wag aalis,para maituloy ang nasimulan. (para lang po masaya habang nag-uusapan) ngunit seryoso po ako,ha,ha!!!

victor manalac via inquirerblog said...
Wed May 06, 03:30:00 AM  

i like among ed and if i had the qualifications as resident of pampanga i would campaign and vote for him. i do not doubt his integrity. i am apprehensive though of his leadership and managerial capacity for a national level.
if only the likes of enrile, roxas, legarda, assure us at this moment that they can be like among ed in a national scale as the governor showed right after he took over the reigns from the traditional politicians, then we can elect them. governor panlilio can then train himself top be a better president in the future. personally i would rather that we wait for his maturing, growing, through proper learning.

OFW101 via inquirerblog said...
Wed May 13, 10:08:00 PM  

Ako po ay 34 years old na at di pa ako minsan bomoto, (been here in abroad for 10 years na though). Pero yung pinaka rason ko po kasi ng di pagboto ay parang tinuturo ko lang kung sino ang susunod na magpapakasasa sa kaban ng bayan. Siguro pag kumandidato si Among Ed bilang presedente, eto pa lang ang unang beses ko na boboto. Kahit siguro corrupt mga nasa paligid nya, medyo mangingilag sila ke Among to propose how to kick back on govt. projects.

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