Are We Ready Yet?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009 ·

The news literally created a bug buzz over the country's entire political landscape. The activists hoorayed. Seasoned politicians booed. Church leaders are divided. The bloggers are skeptic.

Among Ed running for president? Come on! I mean, seriously?!

Let's face the issue. Minutes after Pampanga Governor Ed Panlilio opened to the public that he is considering on taking a shot for the highest post, people have mixed opinions about his intentions.

As what usually happens when someone announces his intentions to run for a public office, rumors of incapability, allegations of corruption, and bad reputations are starting to swell in and prematurely stop, if not to kill, the momentous announcement.

Yes, the voting populace are becoming more mature in choosing his candidate. We have witnessed how popular candidates lost in the 2007 elections. But as the people become more mature, they start to dig deeper. They do research. They watch news and read the papers. They see the good sides and exploit the bad ones.

And here we are, being presented an alternative and reform candidate who made a phenomenal entrance in the political scenery when he toppled and won over the political giants in Pampanga. And here we are, being presented the various reactions from seasoned politicians, political analysts, and survey results that tend to help and/or disturb the way we choose our leaders.

The people clamor for change. The people have long wanted for an alternative and reform candidate to emerge and bid for the presidential post.

We want it. But are we bold enough to choose correctly?
Are we really ready yet?


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