Why Villar Would Win in 2010

Sunday, January 31, 2010 · 3 comments

Let us admit the fact that as of the moment, we technically have only two proponents in the Presidential Race on May 2010. It's got to be a head on fight between Liberal Party's Noynoy Aquino and Nacionalista Party's Manny Villar. The latest SWS survey revealed that Villar has narrowed the gap between him and Aquino by just 7 statistical points. Conducted on January 21 to 25 with 2,100 respondents, the survey shows that Aquino is ahead with 42%, against Villar with 35%.

But though Aquino still leads in the surveys (both by SWS and Pulse Asia), I still believe that Manny Villar will finally emerge as the next President of the Philippines. Here are my ten (10) humble reasons:

1. The various presidential forums conducted by media giants ABS-CBN and GMA News, including other forums sponsored by schools and other organizations define who among them know what they're talking about. To my personal assessment, and based on the forums, Villar, Teodoro and Gordon are the most capable for the Presidential job.

2. Villar has the money- that is, of course converted into paid tv advertisements that reach even the remotest village so long as they have their television sets.

3. Speaking of paid tv ads, Villar's get the best attention from viewers. Children love the jingle, and whenever you ask them, they'd say, "I Like Manny Villar". And you just can't easily say no to children!

4. If you look at the trends, Noynoy's surveys ratings continue to drop in the recent months. Erap, Gibo, Gordon's ratings, doesn't move significantly. It is Villar's numbers that creeps up and slowly closes in to Aquino.

5. If Lito Banayo is correct, GMA is actually supporting Villar; not Gibo.

6. Villar has a big mass base- Bongbong Marcos (from the North), Adel Tamano (from the South), including the leftists headed by Ka Satur Ocampo.

7. Dolphy, Joey De Leon, Willie Revillame and Michael V. endorse Villar, and we all just love comedians.

8. Roxas overshadows Aquino when it comes to discussion of various issues. To some, this converts to the thought that Noynoy is not his own man.

9. Noynoy just couldn't stop smoking his cigar.

10. Noynoy is not Ninoy; Noynoy is not Cory.

(Perhaps for a follow-up, I will make a blog on How Noynoy would win in 2010)

Nursing (November 2009) Board Exam Result


A high 40% passed the Nursing Board Exam Results conducted last November 2009. 37,527 out of the 94,462 examinees has passed.

For a full list of results, kindly visit: Inquirer.net.


Personal: Congratulations to Cyrus Jordan R. Wong for passing!

Cold No More

Friday, January 29, 2010 · 0 comments

Have you been noticing the temperature lately? It's a bit colder than usual, especially at night and on early mornings, and our weather bureau gives advise that we have to stay on with the cold temperature until the end of February.

Well, this is because the snow at the north pole are just beginning to melt down, and so the winds are sweeping the cold in our country.

This makes it hard to conduct parties, celebrations and other events outside your home and/or in your gardens. Just as a few weeks ago, some friends from Surigao Del Sur (Philippines) came to visit our house. We would have wanted to set the tables up outside the house so we can have a bigger space, but we decided to set up instead inside the house due to the uncomfortable cold weather outside. It makes us hope that we would have bought the Electric Heater a friend has been offering me last December.

For those not familiar with it, Outdoor Heaters are simple equipments that are installed outside the house (in patios or in the gardens) to help keep people warm during cold weather. Simple as it is, outdoor heaters are a great help, especially for parties that should be held or conducted outdoors. In fact, I have once attended a garden wedding in Tagaytay City where the event organizers installed electric heaters within the party area in order to keep the visitors warm and comfortable.

There are many types of outdoor heaters, but the most common would be the Electric Heater and Gas Heater. Outdoor heaters may be bought from hardware stores, but I believe it is most easy to purchase on the internet, since there are more choices available, according to your preference.

So the next time, you need not worry that cold weather will destruct your outdoor parties. An outdoor heater is all you need to make your guests comfortable all throughout the night.

Goodbye, APO

Thursday, January 28, 2010 · 6 comments

Yes, folks, you read it right. The trio of Jim, Buboy and Danny puts an end to their 40 year group singing career.

The Apo (Apolinario Mabini Hiking Society) is one of the principal proponents of Original Pilipino Music (OPMs). They popularized songs such as "Kaibigan, Prinsesa, Salawikain, Batang-bata ka pa, and many others".

For those of you who would like to catch the APO's last Valentines Day perforamance, it will be held this February 13 at the SMX Venue, SM Mall of Asia.

"....I believe that as much as we are called to vocations and unions, we are also, at times, called to move on to other things. We have given our best years to APO, which has given us so much more in terms of the joy of performing, affirmation as artists, material blessings and stature"

- Jim Paredes, Writing on Air

Circus Is In Town

Tuesday, January 26, 2010 · 3 comments

We call them Honorable. And why shouldn't they, when they are the ones who deliberate policies for the people and pass them in the form of statues. Elected by the people, they are to us, the honorable persons that should uphold peace, justice and equality for all of their constituents.

The chamber was house to great Filipinos such as Marcos, Recto, Roco, Manglapus and Salonga.

But today, it seems that the Senate of the Philippines has become a center of Amusement and Entertainment; a Circus where the participants are the source of laughter and ridicule; a Sitcom involving actors and actresses that quarrel over issues big and small; of trust and betrayal; of jumping ships from one to another and back.

The Impeachment proceedings during the Plunder trial of then president Joseph "Erap" Estrada has produced a number drama and comedy; and has created instant celebrities in the persons of "Dancing Queen", "Bading", "Nagti-timbang ng Manok", "and Natutulog habang nagse-session". But to this day, it is amusing to note that those who are against Erap during the Impeachment are now with him in the Opposition side.

If you think gossips are only for the showbiz people, then you are wrong. Watch our honorable legislators as they had a good laugh about the Angara-Legarda (their co-senators) story.

The latest circus happened on January 25, 2010 during the deliberation on the case of the Double Insertion of Budget, an anomalous transaction issue involving former Senate President and now Presidentiable Manny Villar.

In The Day The Senate Turned Into A Cockpit, blogger Ding Gagelonia describes how our honorable senators quarrel, shout insults, and name names, not to mention some unethical remarks that should not have been said at all.

Roxas: I had no insertion on any matter. In fact, I have no insertion, period.

Pimentel: I am sure that after your marriage, you had some insertions.But that may be different.

Where do we go from here?

When will we once again uphold the office of the Senate as a credible institution that functions honorably for the good of the people?

Or do we finally allow Senator Miriam Santiago's proposal?

Santiago: If this is the kind of hostile, belligerent attitude we bring to our debate, then all of us should resign immediately, because we do not deserve to be senators!

Save On Fertilizer Costs

Monday, January 25, 2010 · 3 comments

Earlier this year, I did a blog about the importance of "going green", or in more definite terms- planting trees and ornaments in our surroundings.

As a follow-up, I will attempt on making a series of blog that will give us some nice tip in order to make our gardening easy, cheap, and enjoyable.

About Fertilizers & Composts

Other than enough sunlight and water, plants are treated with fertilizers in order to grow faster and healthier. However, if you have plenty of plants to tend, buying of fertilizers can be a bit costly and uncomfortable to some.

In order to save on the costs of fertilizers, farmers and gardeners opt to use Garden Composters as an alternative to create composts, or humus-like products that are applied to plants as a substitute to fertilizers. In fact, in a research study conducted in 1996 at a college university in Central Luzon, Philippines, they found out that plants treated with natural fertilizers/composts tend to grow healthier than those treated with commercial fertilizers.

At first, the use of garden composters may look more expensive than buying fertilizers, but in the long-run, this is actually cheaper, since almost all of the kitchen wastes can be placed on the composter. Also, we help to reduce wastes that are brought to landfills because instead of throwing them away, we put them instead in our composters.

Through the years, manufacturers are able to come up with more sophisticated types of composters. A very good sample is the Earthmaker Composter. The Earthmaker Aerobic Composter is a three-stage composter that is able to segregate the fresh wastes, the digesting wastes, and the maturing wastes. People who have tried it give good reviews, and even comments that this composter limits untoward smells in the area.

Another new innovation, but I think this is more expensive, is Toilet Composting. The good side about this is that you get to conserve water, since the bulk of the waste from toilets is liquid components. With this, you get to recycle the water wastes.

There are, of course, other cheaper alternatives wherein you can compost your wastes. The important thing is, we do our role in helping to reduce wastes, and in helping to produce a greener environment.

New With Entrecard

Thursday, January 21, 2010 · 7 comments

You might notice that there is a new yellow widget posted on the right side of my homepage.

I have enrolled an account on Entrecard- a free blogging network that actually helps to build more traffic (or visitors) to your site.

Now, I have not yet fully understood what are the benefits that I can get from this, but so far, I am satisfied that I have gained more visitors because of this (I see the traffic because of my Live Traffic Feed widget installed on my homepage).

I do hope to understand more of this Entrecard program so that I can maximize whatever values that they can offer to me.

Hopefully, I will try to write the pros and cons so that I can also inform you about Entrecard.


In another (but related) topic, I once posted that I also joined a PPC or Pay-per-click program, Trekpay, sometime in September of this year. The program may not create much income, but I do think the program is just okay for people who have ample time to go and visit advertisers' sites. I already earned at least $5. As I said, this is just small as compared to the other online money making programs but maybe for those of you who have more time, I believe you can earn more. The key in this program is "the more you click/visit, the more you earn credits". The credits will then be converted to its dollar value at the end of the week.

I will tackle more about this once my earnings is deposited on my paypal account.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Symbol of Hope

Tuesday, January 19, 2010 · 3 comments

When you start to see pictures and/or advertisements of known personalities together with small children, chances are, these personalities will be running for a certain postition in a forthcoming election.

Maybe it's because we see the future in children. Maybe it's because what we do today will be the inheritance of our children.

Maybe it's because we see them as the hope of our nation. As our national hero once said, "The youth is the hope of our fatherland". They are the future leaders and citizens of our nation.


The big news on politics today.... The COMELEC has released its decision allowing former President Joseph "Erap" Estrada to run for President in 2010.

Your Home Reflects Your Personality

Monday, January 18, 2010 · 3 comments

Your Home Reflects Your Personality- and I daresay, that it is true. Over the years of observing people and their homes, I found out that a person's character is oftenly being reflected on their place of abode.

A perfect example would be my previous boss. We were not surprised to see his house with a minimalist design and pale color combinations because we know that at work, our boss is very simplistic, and avoids striking colors.

Another fine example is a distant relative who is known to be a nature-lover. She likes to be always in-touch with nature, and so she made it a point that her house is surrounded with beautiful landscapes of floral ornaments. To create a tranquil environment, she put Wind Chimes on her patio as accessories.

Really, it is very relaxing just sitting in her hammock surrounded by a beautiful garden while you get to hear the tranquil sound created by the Aluminum Wind Chimes whenever the gentle wind breezes. Indeed, her patio is always the visitors' favorite part of the house.

Of course, many of us already know what Wind Chimes are, but for some who are not familiar, wind chimes are made from suspended tubes, rods and other objects which are often made up of wood or metal. They are usually placed or hung outside houses and creates sounds due to the wind.

Though normally placed outside houses, our relative also placed Bamboo Wind Chimes inside her house. That is because bamboo wind chimes complement the interior design which is more on wood and earth colors. She was able to accessorize the bamboo wind chimes on doors for the Master Bedroom and the Guest room.

And her latest addition? Wind Chimes that are made up of sea shells! She said that she was able to acquire the sea shells wind chimes during one of her travel vacations in Boracay, Philippines.

Simple as it is, our relative's house is truly a wonderful place to live in. Indeed, it is not how costly your house, furnitures and accessories are. It is how you put life in your home by imparting your own personality in it.

Coming Soon

Sunday, January 17, 2010 · 0 comments

Folks, here are two of the important events that Filipinos will sure to watch out for this first half of 2010.

First is, of course, our pride Manny 'Pacman' Pacquiao's match against welterweight Joshua Clottey on March 13 in Arlington, Texas.

The fight went about right after the highly-anticipated megabout between Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather, Jr. didn't push thru after failed negotiations from both parties.

Early on, Pacquiao is the heavy favorite over the virtually unknown but equally dangerous Clottey. But despite of this, Filipinos are still sure to cheer on and watch their favorite Filipino boxing icon floor down his opponent.

Immediately after the fight, Pacquiao's thoughts will immediately shift from sports to politics with the national elections coming in May 2010.

This brings us to our second important event- and that is the introduction of the Poll Automation on May.

Although the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) boasts that we will go into full automation, a lot of people are still apprehensive about it.

For one, the machines have not yet arrived. Smartmatic and Comelec has promised that the machines will arrive on February 2010 (this was originally scheduled to arrive on December 2009).

Political analysts see some problems regarding the Poll Automation:

1. Because the machines have not yet arrived, do officials still have time to inspect if the machines will work properly?

2. The teachers (who will officiate in the elections) were not yet oriented with the use of the machine; and/or with the new procedures on poll automation.

3. Most of the voters are still uneducated with the use of the machines- thus errors might happen during the election day. How do we fill up the form? What are we going to do if we want to change our votes (or can we still change our votes)? How do we submit the ballot in the machine, etc....

For these (and many other reasons), some people do have fear that there might be problems that will arise during the elections; or worse, failure of elections can occur in some areas.
But let us all hope that things will work out fine.
Above all, let us ensure to choose and vote only those people who deserve to be elected.

Blessed Beyond

Thursday, January 14, 2010 · 7 comments

Allow me and my wife to make a list of all the blessings that we have received last year and it wouldn't be so hard for us to write on the #1 spot.

Without question, the best we have received in 2009 (and even since we got married in 2008) is our daughter, Maegan Yessica Sarangaya-Agustin.

Maegan Yessica, or Meg, was born at 1:16 pm on the 17th of April 2009 at the Dr. Jesus Delgado Memorial Hospital in Quezon City.

Time and again, we always thank God in prayer for this wonderful gift to our marriage.

As we move on to more fruitful and challenging years on our marriage, we ask God to give us the strength and wisdom to make us good stewards in taking care of our beloved daughter.

Indeed, we say, We Are Blessed Beyond Measure!


[He] is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us

-Ephesians 3:20

Laba + TV = Soap Opera

Tuesday, January 12, 2010 · 9 comments

Grade three na yata ako noong una kami nagkaroon ng television set sa bahay.

Tandang-tanda ko yun dahil kasama ako ni Mama at ni Daddy na pumunta sa Raon para bilhin yung tv. 14 inches, kulay dilaw ang case, black and white. Wala pang remote control, kaya magtityaga ka talagang lumapit sa tv at magpihit para ilipat ang channel. Kaunti lang din ang options na panoorin dahil hanggang channel 13 lang ang pihitan.


Kahit paano, naging saksi na rin ako sa evolution ng mga commercials sa ipinalalabas sa tv. Kagaya na lang halimbawa ng mga sabong panlaba, nagpapaligsahan ang Tide, Mr. Clean, Ola, Pride, at ang Superwheel.

Bareta pa noon ang uso, hanggang sa na-introduce na nga yung mga powdered detergents na mas kadalasang ginagamit na ngayon dahil ito ang compatible sa washing machine. Ngayon, wala ng Superwheel at Ola. Matanda na yata si Mr. Clean. May konti pa yatang Pride ang Pride, at namayagpag ang Tide sa kanilang lahat.


Kasabay ng pag evolve ng commercials, syempre, ay ang pag-evolve din ng iba't-ibang palabas sa telebisyon.

Kung dati-rati ay english ang evening news at dapat eh mukhang kagalang-galang, gwapo at pormal na tao ang mga nagbabalita, ngayon ay tagalog na ang medium at hindi na requirement ang gandang lalake (ehem! exxxcuse me po!).

Nagbago na rin ang format ng mga variety shows. Hindi na uso sina Vilma, Nora at Ness. Na-tsugi na rin ang That's Entertainment ni Kuya Germs. Ngayon, ASAP at SOP na ang uso.

Kung meron man sigurong nanatili sa mukha ng television, ito ay yung tinatawag nating SOAP OPERA. Nagbago man ng pangalan (Koreanobela, Fantaserye, Teleserye at Teledrama), patuloy pa rin sa pagpapalabas ng mga soap operas (na kung minsan ay tinatawag din nating 'Tuluyan' dahil lagi ka nilang binibitin habang may nakasulat na 'Itutuloy....').


Procter and Gamble (makers ng Tide at Ariel Detergent Soaps) daw ang nagpasimuno ng katagang SOAP OPERA nang i-produce nila ang pinaka-unang Soap Opera noong 1930s. Intended daw ang mga ganitong palabas o panoorin para sa mga nanay (o housewives) na nakikinig sa radyo o nanonood ng tv habang naglalaba. At noon daw 1949, nai-produce ng Procter & Gamble ang pinakaunang Soap Opera sa Pilipinas na nai-ere sa DZRH- Ang 'Gulong ng Palad'.

Marami nang pagbabago.

Colored na ang mga television. Remote-controlled, at may mga cable channels pa na pwedeng panooran. May flat at may plasma tv.

Pero hanggang sa ngayon, nananatiling mataas ang ratings ng mga soap opera.

Mahilig kasi ang Pinoy sa Drama.

Go Green

Monday, January 11, 2010 · 1 comments

If there is one thing that we notice over the years whenever we come home to our ancestral house, it is the sudden increase of temperature around our surroundings.

Back when we were just children, we could enjoy the cold weather even during summer days. Today, however, we experience hot temprerature even during December and January when it is supposed to be cool. One sure reason for this is the continuing decline of plants and trees around us.

In fact, the only green that remains in our place right now is the improvised Lean To Greenhouse that our father has made about 5 years ago (for those of you who are wondering what lean to greenhouses are like, you can refer to the image on the left). We only have a little space, so my father just sort of tried to maximize the area by making a greenhouse that leans on our concrete backyard where he planted some easy-to-maintain ornaments.


There are actually a lot of benefits when you maintain Garden Greenhouses in your surroundings.

First and foremost, we help reduce the global warming that most countries are experiencing right now. Due to the abrupt climate changes, there is really a need to plant more trees and plants in many areas in order to maintain the ecological balance.

Second, plants and ornaments help our home to become beautiful and presentable to others.

Third, and as a personal reason, my father really loves gardening. So maintaining a greenhouse in the garden gave him the opportunity to do the things he love to do, with no effort at all.

And fourth, rather than just planting on bare grounds, maintaining them inside greenhouses will help them be protected from too much heat and/or too much cold. Greenhouses also help keep animals and pests from destroying the crops.


For starters, you need not set up a full-length greenhouse, as you may find it difficult to maintain, especially if you still do not have an expertise in gardening.

You may opt to maintain a Cold Frame Greenhouse. This type of greenhouse is also perfect for gardeners with limited space. Even if cold frame greenhouses are small, there are certain types which carry the same features as those of large greenhouses, meaning, that they also maitain heat and moisture within.

So space isn't really the problem. When you have to will to go green, there are a lot of opportunities to do it.

Top 5 Celebrities 2009

Monday, January 4, 2010 · 9 comments

Move over, Manny Pacquiao.

Here's my Top 5 List of the most prominent (and/or controversial) Filipinos in the Year 2009. They made the news, consumed so much airtime on national television, and used up so much space in each and every bloggers' articles and websites.

On 5 is Basketball hearthrob Chris Tiu of the Ateneo Blue Eagles. In case you didn't notice, Tiu dominated the television airtimes via various commercials (such as Milo and Fit n' Right), hosting jobs (for Ripley's Believe it or not and Pinoy Records in tandem with Manny Pacquiao), and of course, the telecast basketball games.

With looks, talent, (money), and family background, Tiu is sure to gain an even more exposure on National TV this year and in the years ahead.

My Number 4 goes to Master Rapper Francis 'Kiko' Magalona who passed away on March 16, 2009 due to a battle with Leukemia.

Magalona popularized the Hit Songs, Mga Kababayan Ko, Man From Manila, and many other songs that cater for Filipino Patriotism.

Also an artist, he founded the company Three Stars and a Sun which specializes in creating quality t-shirts designed with various Filipino symbols. Sales of these t-shirt immediately zoomed up during and after Magalona's interment.

Next on my list is Dr. Hayden Kho, partner of cosmetics surgeon Vicky Belo who became popular, thanks to his video scandals with several women, including Katrina Halili and Maricar Reyes.

For more than two weeks, the controversial issue was all over the news, talk shows and newspapers; while pirated dvd sellers made good money out of the video scandals.

Apparently, Kho was probed and stripped off his medical license.

Though already a Senator, Noynoy Aquino suddenly rose to stardom immediately after the death of his mother, former President Corazon 'Cory' Aquino on August 1, 2009.

The interment and burial of the former president, being watched on National TV by the whole filipino people, also featured her remaining children, Balsy, Pinky, Kris and Noynoy.

With sympathy pouring out for the children, Noynoy becomes an instant Presidentiable in the coming 2010 elections. From out of nowhere, Noynoy suddenly becomes the man to beat, as he leads each and every national presidential survey conducted by the SWS and Pulse Asia.

My Top Celebrity for 2009 is no other than Mayor Andal Ampatuan, Jr., suspected mastermind of the infamous Maguindanao Massacre which accounts for at least 57 people being brutally murdered in Maguindanao on November 30, 2009.

At least 27 among those killed were innocent journalists who were out to cover the filing of the Certificate of Candidacy of Vice Mayor Dong Mangudadatu, a known political archrival of the Ampatuans in Maguindanao.

As of today, Andal Ampatuan is still under the custody of the National Bureau of Investigation for trial.

Bubuka Ang Bulaklak


Hindi ko na alam kung anong taon ako nahilig sa photography. Ang problema, kagaya nang iba pang bagay na gusto kong gawin pero hindi ko magawa dahil walang oras na pwedeng gugulin, nanatiling nasa isang sulok lang ang kagustuhan kong aralin ang tungkol dito.

Paminsan-minsan, paisa-isa, nakaka jackpot akong makakuha ng mga magagandang kuha gamit ang hiniram na digital camera, o gamit ang camera sa cellphone ko. Kuntento na ako sa hiram, sabi ko kasi, hindi ko rin naman kailangan ng camera.

Pero ibang usapan na nung dumating si baby. Dapat kasi, ma-capture ang lahat ng mga importanteng bagay na nangyayari sa buhay niya. Kaya ngayong 2009, bumili kami ng Digital Camera.

Mababang modelo lang kumpara sa mga gamit ng mga professional photographers. Canon Powershot lang. Pero sa ngayon, okay na yun.

At para mabigyan ng sample, sumubok akong kumuha ng larawan ng isa sa mga paborito kong subject- Bulaklak.

Ewan ko. Pero tingin nyo ba, may career ako sa photography?

Village People

Sunday, January 3, 2010 · 2 comments

My new topic is about the Village People.

No, I am not referring to that popular 1970s band who popularized the Hit Songs, Go West, Macho Man, and YMCA. I am talking about those people who live in those posh villages in Quezon City.

For more than five years now, I was living in a simple place near the vicinity of these big villages. I am accustomed to witnessing the big houses adorned with beatifully-crafted Address Plaques, because the public transport to and from our house are allowed to pass-thru the village. I am talking, of course, of address plaques that are not the ordinary: big, opal or square stainless-steel metal, crafted with nice designs, and bearing bold numbers and letters.

I think that having these big and beautiful plaques are trademarks of houses that are built in beautiful villages. In fact, I know of one rich guy who actually purchased his address plaque abroad. He saw the design in an online shop and so he placed an order to customize their house number and street name. One good thing about having to customize your Address Plaque is that you are able to choose the best design and color that fits your house. Of course, placing an address plaque does not only make your house beautiful. It makes it very easy for visitors to find your home.

People living in villages also love wonderfully-designed gardens and/or lawns. You may witness that they even hire professionals to plan the exteriors landscapes. Plants and ornaments are strategically placed on the front lawn, while bermuda grass cover the entire lawn. The ornaments are complemented with fountains, big jars and beautiful Lawn Markers. Needless to say, lawn markers should be stainless steel to ensure that they do not wear off easily in different weather conditions. At the end of the day, the rich people do love to sit on benches within the garden for relaxation.

I am still far from getting my dream house complete with what I have discussed on the above. But God-willing, I will have my own someday.

The Year That Was


We are now in 2010, and so let me thank you for the year that was 2009.

Siyetehan was birthed out in March last year, and I am very grateful to all of you who gave their time to visit, read, react, comment, and maki-siyete in my various posts.

Incidentally, the year 2009 shared unto us such remarkable and unforgettable moments here in the Philippines and even in the whole world; thus it gave us more reasons to talk together and discuss together.

On Politics:

Particularly amusing (and this gave me more than 2 posts to discuss) is President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo's plan to run for Congress in the coming elections. Thus, Arroyo made another monumental move as she will be the first president to run for a lower position (we have yet to see this May 2010 if she stays in power as representative of Pampanga).

The year 2009 also showed us who are running (and who are withdrawing) for President on 2010. We are witnesses of the return of Erap in Politics, Bro. Eddie still running despite his loss n the previous election, Jojo Binay and Mar Roxas wanting to run but decided to step down for the Vice Presidential race instead, Noynoy finally running after his so-called spiritual retreat, the unpopular Gibo Teodoro being the Administration's standard-bearer, Manny Villar and Jamby Madrigal trying to give it a shot, and Chiz Escudero withdrawing from the limelight.

Controversies, issues and calamities also contaminated the nation.

There is the still questionable Automated Polls, The Boyet Fajardo and the Chip Tsao Discrimination issues, The Influenza A(H1N1) Virus, The Hayden Kho Sex Scandals, Arroyo's breast surgery, Arroyo's controversial dinners in the US, the Con-Ass, and the Ondoy and Pepeng calamities that brought so much loss and damage in the entire nation.

But despite the trials, problems, issues and controversies, we have, time and again, proven that the Filipino still rises and triumphs in his own special way.

Our very own Gina Pareno wins in the Asian Film awards; Manny Pacquiao dethroning Hatton, Dela Hoya and Cotto; and our ability to fight of the Influenza Virus, and our capacity to survive and overcome the tragedies caused by the Ondoy and Pepeng calamities.

We are really in exciting times. And we could just be more expectant of the things that are about to happen in the future.

As Filipinos, we can make it!

It is my prayer that we will have more talks and discussions this year and in the coming years ahead.

Happy Siyetehan.


For the top 10 News Stories in 2009, kindly visit this news clippings from gmanews.tv.

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