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Monday, January 11, 2010 ·

If there is one thing that we notice over the years whenever we come home to our ancestral house, it is the sudden increase of temperature around our surroundings.

Back when we were just children, we could enjoy the cold weather even during summer days. Today, however, we experience hot temprerature even during December and January when it is supposed to be cool. One sure reason for this is the continuing decline of plants and trees around us.

In fact, the only green that remains in our place right now is the improvised Lean To Greenhouse that our father has made about 5 years ago (for those of you who are wondering what lean to greenhouses are like, you can refer to the image on the left). We only have a little space, so my father just sort of tried to maximize the area by making a greenhouse that leans on our concrete backyard where he planted some easy-to-maintain ornaments.


There are actually a lot of benefits when you maintain Garden Greenhouses in your surroundings.

First and foremost, we help reduce the global warming that most countries are experiencing right now. Due to the abrupt climate changes, there is really a need to plant more trees and plants in many areas in order to maintain the ecological balance.

Second, plants and ornaments help our home to become beautiful and presentable to others.

Third, and as a personal reason, my father really loves gardening. So maintaining a greenhouse in the garden gave him the opportunity to do the things he love to do, with no effort at all.

And fourth, rather than just planting on bare grounds, maintaining them inside greenhouses will help them be protected from too much heat and/or too much cold. Greenhouses also help keep animals and pests from destroying the crops.


For starters, you need not set up a full-length greenhouse, as you may find it difficult to maintain, especially if you still do not have an expertise in gardening.

You may opt to maintain a Cold Frame Greenhouse. This type of greenhouse is also perfect for gardeners with limited space. Even if cold frame greenhouses are small, there are certain types which carry the same features as those of large greenhouses, meaning, that they also maitain heat and moisture within.

So space isn't really the problem. When you have to will to go green, there are a lot of opportunities to do it.


A-Z-E-L said...
Mon Jan 11, 11:51:00 PM  

climate is really changing!

kahit dito sa disyerto... we are fond of enjoying the winter season from november to march... dati we cannot go out without jacket while wearing a long-sleeve blouses. ngayon kahit long-sleeveblouse na lang, enough na!

parang by february.. summer na ulit! haaaaayyy!
hindi naman uso ang garden dito :) buti na lang may air-condition unit lahat ng bahay. at buti na lang mura ang kuryente :)

sa bahay yan din ang pinagkakaabalahan ni mommy... gardening! kaso minsan natatakot ako. nagsasalita kase, kausap ung mga euphorbia nya :)

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