Your Home Reflects Your Personality

Monday, January 18, 2010 ·

Your Home Reflects Your Personality- and I daresay, that it is true. Over the years of observing people and their homes, I found out that a person's character is oftenly being reflected on their place of abode.

A perfect example would be my previous boss. We were not surprised to see his house with a minimalist design and pale color combinations because we know that at work, our boss is very simplistic, and avoids striking colors.

Another fine example is a distant relative who is known to be a nature-lover. She likes to be always in-touch with nature, and so she made it a point that her house is surrounded with beautiful landscapes of floral ornaments. To create a tranquil environment, she put Wind Chimes on her patio as accessories.

Really, it is very relaxing just sitting in her hammock surrounded by a beautiful garden while you get to hear the tranquil sound created by the Aluminum Wind Chimes whenever the gentle wind breezes. Indeed, her patio is always the visitors' favorite part of the house.

Of course, many of us already know what Wind Chimes are, but for some who are not familiar, wind chimes are made from suspended tubes, rods and other objects which are often made up of wood or metal. They are usually placed or hung outside houses and creates sounds due to the wind.

Though normally placed outside houses, our relative also placed Bamboo Wind Chimes inside her house. That is because bamboo wind chimes complement the interior design which is more on wood and earth colors. She was able to accessorize the bamboo wind chimes on doors for the Master Bedroom and the Guest room.

And her latest addition? Wind Chimes that are made up of sea shells! She said that she was able to acquire the sea shells wind chimes during one of her travel vacations in Boracay, Philippines.

Simple as it is, our relative's house is truly a wonderful place to live in. Indeed, it is not how costly your house, furnitures and accessories are. It is how you put life in your home by imparting your own personality in it.


walongbote said...
Tue Jan 19, 03:30:00 AM  

wow sa pagkakadescribe mo pa lang, nararamdaman ko na yung fresh and relaxing na vibes. Sa province namin mahangin din doon, wala nga lang wind chimes.

Badong said...
Tue Jan 19, 03:49:00 AM  

hindi ko alam, pero gustung-gusto ko ang tunog ng wind chimes. totoo, talagang nakaka-relax. kaso yung wind chime dito aluminum

siyetehan said...
Wed Jan 20, 12:24:00 AM  

@walongbote: it's ok to put wind chimes so at least you get to relax when you hear the sound.

@badong: you can purchase other varieties, mura lang naman :D

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