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Monday, January 25, 2010 ·

Earlier this year, I did a blog about the importance of "going green", or in more definite terms- planting trees and ornaments in our surroundings.

As a follow-up, I will attempt on making a series of blog that will give us some nice tip in order to make our gardening easy, cheap, and enjoyable.

About Fertilizers & Composts

Other than enough sunlight and water, plants are treated with fertilizers in order to grow faster and healthier. However, if you have plenty of plants to tend, buying of fertilizers can be a bit costly and uncomfortable to some.

In order to save on the costs of fertilizers, farmers and gardeners opt to use Garden Composters as an alternative to create composts, or humus-like products that are applied to plants as a substitute to fertilizers. In fact, in a research study conducted in 1996 at a college university in Central Luzon, Philippines, they found out that plants treated with natural fertilizers/composts tend to grow healthier than those treated with commercial fertilizers.

At first, the use of garden composters may look more expensive than buying fertilizers, but in the long-run, this is actually cheaper, since almost all of the kitchen wastes can be placed on the composter. Also, we help to reduce wastes that are brought to landfills because instead of throwing them away, we put them instead in our composters.

Through the years, manufacturers are able to come up with more sophisticated types of composters. A very good sample is the Earthmaker Composter. The Earthmaker Aerobic Composter is a three-stage composter that is able to segregate the fresh wastes, the digesting wastes, and the maturing wastes. People who have tried it give good reviews, and even comments that this composter limits untoward smells in the area.

Another new innovation, but I think this is more expensive, is Toilet Composting. The good side about this is that you get to conserve water, since the bulk of the waste from toilets is liquid components. With this, you get to recycle the water wastes.

There are, of course, other cheaper alternatives wherein you can compost your wastes. The important thing is, we do our role in helping to reduce wastes, and in helping to produce a greener environment.


Anonymous said...
Tue Jan 26, 02:06:00 AM  

hndi ako mahilig mag garden, but i know it will help sa iba.. :-)

walongbote said...
Tue Jan 26, 03:50:00 AM  

maganda toh, makakatulong talaga kahit sa pangaraw araw na gawain. like for example the waste segregation. And then adding to those toilet composting, dont you know that the tachi of carabao is a good source of fertiliation too.. :)

siyetehan said...
Tue Jan 26, 04:02:00 AM  

@pd: malaking tulong ang gardening. pero actually maganda rin siyang hobby.

@walongbote: kaya pala mayroong iba na naghahakot ng tachi ng carabao- masustansiya pala. :D

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