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Thursday, June 25, 2009 ·

At last, I see a spark of hope.

I see a real opposition.

I had this interesting discussion on mlq3's Outflanking her Enemies article, discussing the possibility of GMA declaring Martial Rule to extend his term which ends in June 2010.

Another big possibility is GMA running for congresswoman in Pampanga; a rumor which keep circulating since March 2009.

A track of the discussion follows:


1. siyetehan: the queen, indeed, knows how to play, and knows how to take control of the tempo, as well.

while the administration learns from the past, i believe it is about time
also for the opposition to see the situation through, sit, discuss together, and
unite to formalize their options.

with what the people see today, the opposition doesn’t seem to care.

2. taxj: Bingo, siyetehan. History is repeating itself too soon. Simply substitute Gloria for Marcos, and the treatise remains valid.

Unfortunately, all presidential aspirants are obviously more concerned with
their personal ambitions than with the country’s welfare. They attend demos only
for the free media mileage. This is why they are outflanked by Glorias, and
people don’t fill the streets. It’s never fun watching the antics of beasts of

I see no relief even after a Gloria exit. Were the evil bitch only less so,
an extension of her sevice or disservice, in exchange for a reinvigrated Charter
through a Con Ass, would have been less intolerable. I doubt though whether a
Senateless Con Ass would prosper, with or without demos.

3. SoP: In the end, GMA has to be voted at the very least
as congresswoman in Pampanga to push trough with steps 2-10.

I don’t think she’s a shoe-in for congresswoman. I think Kapampangans will surprise Filipinos when they overwhelmingly vote for GMA’s opposition in 2010. You’ve heard it her 1st.

4. siyetehan: I just hope that the Opposition will do something
about it.

May plano na palang tumakbong kongresista si Gloria….

Is the opposition finding a formidable opponent for her? Or does the
Opposition continue to oppose eache other still?

5. SoP: I think an independent could run against her and still
win. It doesn’t have to be the opposition.


While I do not quite agree on the last statement, I believe that somebody of a credible stature could give GMA a good fight should she decide to run for congresswoman.

And so this declaration from Professor Randy David has come just in time to give a spark of hope not only for Pampanga, but for the entire nation who clamor for a major change.

As David puts it,

"Hindi puedeng salita na lang tayo nang salita [We can't just keep on talking] when we know something is wrong".

Well, then, let's get ready to rumble!!!!!

I support Randy David.


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