Poll Automation

Tuesday, June 30, 2009 ·

The question in my mind is: When will we ever move forward?

After months of debates whether the 2010 elections will be finally automated to give way to a fast counting of votes;

After Congress has approved and alloted a budget for the poll automation;

After the rigorous biddings;

After Smartmatic has been proclaimed the winner;

After the Pinoys finally looked forward to the Poll Automation come 2010:

It's seems we're back to zero.

This is seems to be the case as Total Information Management (TIM) Corporation backed out on its deal with Smartmatic International Corp. (Smartmatic is the winner of the bidding done by COMELEC).

Well, I don't know. It just feels bad that after all the long process, we're back to zero.

Unless, of course, if concerned authorities will iron things out and give it a go.

I hope they would.


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