SONA, Twitter, and Pia's Response

Monday, July 27, 2009 ·

This is an update on my previous post about our lawmakers and politicians using Twitter to update the people yesterday about what is happening inside the Batasang Pambansa whereing President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is delivering her 9th State of the Nation Address.


Pia's Response

It seems the good Senator Pia Cayetano was able to access my blog that's why she responded with another twitter post concerning the spelling and grammatical errors. :)

So I responded to her para di ako makulong and told her that it's ok. :)


One good thing about this twitter is we get to interact with "big" people like them. They let us know their thoughts, and we, also, are given the chance to tell them what we think.


I am not able to watch the whole of the SONA so I just waited for the late night news Saksi to catch a glimpse of the SONA highlights.

One quotable quote from the SONA would be GMA's tirade against Senator and Presidential wannabe Mar Roxas:

"To those who want to be President, this advice: .....don’t say bad words in public"

She was speaking, of course, of the incident in one rally in Ayala, Makati wherein Mar Roxas cursed in front of the many people at the rally. Roxas later received a lot of negative comments about his misbehaving in public.

For those who missed the SONA, you may read the full text here.


Etc. Etc. Etc.

• Saksi, the late night GMA News program featured our politicians who resorted to using Twitter during the SONA. Pia and Chiz's Twitter accounts, which I followed during the event, were even featured. also has a news bit about this here.

• Manny Pacquiao was present during the SONA, and he was also acknowledged by Madam GMA during her speech, I wonder, though if he was able to enjoy the whole of the speech .

• The controversial announcement the people has been waiting for didn't arrive. We didn't hear about PGMA's plans after 2010.

• The militant groups, as expected, staged their own SONA con rally outside the Batasan Complex. They, however, were drenched with the heavy rains yesterday at the area.


p0kw4ng said...
Tue Jul 28, 04:58:00 AM  

huwaw may strikethrough na,hihihi

suprise daw yung sa plano ni GMA after 2010...hehehe

siyetehan said...
Tue Jul 28, 05:21:00 AM  

yep, maraming salamat sa personal tutorial.
first time ko, hehehe.

ah, surprise plans. everybody's clamoring for change na.

Anonymous said...
Tue Jul 28, 06:33:00 AM  

naku di pa yan gusto bumaba kaya di nya sinabi ang plano nya sa 2010...inabangan ko rin yon kaya lang di talaga sinabi....

siyetehan said...
Tue Jul 28, 06:36:00 AM  

a lot say that she'll cling to her power pa rin talaga. wait and see tayo :D

nadagdag na kita sa blogroll ko, jodi.

pamatayhomesick said...
Tue Jul 28, 07:09:00 AM  

abangan ang 2010, malamang tatakbo ulit,kahit sinabi nya na hindi na.

nice blog!

Nortehanon said...
Tue Jul 28, 09:10:00 AM  

Now I realize ako na lang yata ang blogger na walang twitter account hehehe. Parang gusto ko na yatang magkaroon din ng twitter hehehe

Maraming salamat sa pagbisita sa blog ko and for leaving a comment to which I owe a heartfelt gratitude.

The Lady in Green Ruffles said...
Tue Jul 28, 03:10:00 PM  


create ka na rin..


wow, congrats..sen. pia access your blog

siyetehan said...
Tue Jul 28, 05:56:00 PM  

@ever: salamat din sa pagbisita. tatakbo nga siguro ulit, pero definitely eh sa ibang position. kung walang MLaw :D

@nortehanon: will sure to visit your site more often.

@joyce: ikaw ba yung girl na naka green sa pic? :D

pamatayhomesick said...
Tue Jul 28, 11:18:00 PM  

ngayon pa nga lang gusto na magkaron ng pagababago ang batas.. ewan ko ba, masyado na ata akong nawawalan ng tiwala sa kanila..eniwey, hope na may mabago parin sa susunod na eleksyon.i wish the wish you wish.:)

siyetehan said...
Wed Jul 29, 12:54:00 AM  

sana nga, magkaroon ng pagbabago sa eleksiyon. nasa mga botante pa rin ang susi- at sana eh huwag itong agawin ng mga mapagsamantala.

hello garci...

zorlone said...
Wed Jul 29, 03:36:00 AM  

You are very ourspoken, something we need these days.


siyetehan said...
Wed Jul 29, 03:41:00 AM  

z, thank you for dropping by.

you know, somehow, we need to reach out to our government leaders. it will cause us no harm if we try letting them know what the people are thinking. :D

madz said...
Wed Jul 29, 05:34:00 PM  

Nice that you got to talk to "big" people using twitter. I would have wanted to access twitter on my phone, but I believe it costs me P5 for 15min right? Won't bother doing that :P

PGMA's SONA is not something to be applauded, at least for me.

siyetehan said...
Wed Jul 29, 07:41:00 PM  

hi madz, the SONA has become a way of entertaining the people with the gowns, the dress, and the lies (of both the admin & the opposition).

The Lady in Green Ruffles said...
Wed Jul 29, 08:02:00 PM  

ay, hindi pu..hihi

siyetehan said...
Wed Jul 29, 10:31:00 PM  

akala ko, ikaw. ba't di ikaw? shy ka? :D

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