Battle of the Gods

Tuesday, July 21, 2009 ·

We are in exciting times, aren't we?

By the looks of it, it seems the gods are taking an active part in the Pinoys' favorite subject, which is, the coming 2010 elections.

For those who have followed the course of nation's history, it is to be noticed that the religious sects have always been taking active participation in the way we choose our leaders, and in the way our leaders govern us. Perhaps it is safe to say that at least, in the Philippines, leaders rise and fall on religion.

It is the voice of Manila Archbishop Jaime Cardinal Sin, heard over the radio, that summoned the countless people to stage the historic EDSA Revolution in 1986.

While the Christian group of Eddie Villanueva endorsed Jose De Venecia's presidential bid in 1998, Joseph Estrada amassed the votes of the Iglesia ni Cristo and the El Shaddai group and made his way to the Palace in one of the biggest vote margin difference in the history of Philippine Presidential elections.

Some years after, however, these same religious groups were calling their members to once again proceed to EDSA and ask Joseph Estrada to step down to power.

As we approach the 2010 elections, the people expect that religion once again will play an important role in the outcome of the voting.

As early as March 2009, Bro. Eddie Villanueva of the Jesus Is Lord Movement who takes pride of his strong 5 million populace, has announced his intention to run again for President (he ran and lost to Gloria Arroyo in 2004). Believing that he has received a clear mandate from God, Bro. Eddie said that he is stepping down from his post as a church pastor in order to fulfill his call to lead our nation. Thus, he claims to have received his blessing from "priestly anointing" to "kingly anointing".

This July, Catholic priest turned Pampanga Governor Ed Panlilio has also announced that he'll be running for President. Panlilio said that after much prayer and discernment, he is sure that 'God called him to run for the presidency'.

Nobody, of course, will ever believe that the influential Muslim group, Iglesia Ni Cristo and El Shaddai will support any among Panlilio and Villanueva. Thus, people expect that they will be supporting the rest of either Mar Roxas, Manny Villar, Noli De Castro, etc.

With four months to go before the filing of the Certificate of Candidacy in November, and with eight months before the May elections next year, the Filipino is once again at the front of choosing his next president. Not withstanding which sect we belong to, let us all pray that the real God will appoint the best and the proper person to become our President.


The Lady in Green Ruffles said...
Tue Jul 21, 09:36:00 PM  


The Lady in Green Ruffles said...
Tue Jul 21, 09:38:00 PM  

yeah, you are so right..being "religious" we are Filipinos, we believe so easily to someone who is active in church..

siyetehan said...
Tue Jul 21, 09:41:00 PM  

hi joyce. no need to say base :D

kasi ikaw lang yata ang regular visitor ko.


anyway, i hope our perspective as filipinos will somehow change. religion should not be dragged in the choosing of our leaders.

The Lady in Green Ruffles said...
Tue Jul 21, 10:00:00 PM  

hehe, ok lang yan..

yeah, i am discouraging my friends from other sect not to vote the candidate their church is asking them to vote..that would be biased..

p0kw4ng said...
Thu Jul 23, 09:17:00 AM  

hindi ko maimagine ang isang bansang tulad ng pinas na ang nakakarami ay katoliko na magkakaroon ng isang presidente na namumuno sa ibang relihiyon...

sana lang matuto na tayong mga botante na iboto ang nararapat at karapatdapat...pero papaano nga ba pumili? hehehe lahat kasi sila eh parang nasa isang magandang pagkakabalot...di mo malalaman kung ano ang nasa loob hanggat hindi nabubuksan..

salamat sa pagdaan sa bahay ko ha...

The Lady in Green Ruffles said...
Thu Jul 23, 03:26:00 PM  

Tama ka pokw4ng..masyado silang mabango lahat at kayganda sa ating mga paningin..kailangan natin silang amuyin maigi para malaman natin talaga ang hangad nila sa ating bayan..

siyetehan said...
Thu Jul 23, 06:33:00 PM  


yun nga ang mahirap dito sa Pilipinas, we can't really determine kung ano ang ugali ng mga kandidato natin. siguro partly eh may partisipasyon ding ginagawa ang media sa kung ano ang pagkakakilala natin sa kanila.

siyetehan said...
Thu Jul 23, 06:35:00 PM  


ang problema, kani-kanya silang pabango. tapos yung mga kalaban nila, kani-kanya namang paninira. :D

p0kw4ng said...
Thu Jul 23, 11:39:00 PM  

kung tutuusin malaki ang partisipasyon ng media lalo na sa national election... sa kanila nakasalalay kung papaano natin makikilala ang isang kandidato kasi sila ang nagsusubo sa atin ng mga impormasyon...

kung di dahil sa media..ano pang way para makilala natin ang isang kandidato sa mga pang national na position?

kung pang mayor at baranggay tanod okay lang na wala ang media..may mga tsismosa naman,hihihi

p0kw4ng said...
Fri Jul 24, 12:05:00 AM  

hello ulit...sige lang add lang ng add...ako nga nilagay lang kita sa blogroll ko ng walang paalam,hehehe

about sa try kong ilagay dito pero ayaw tanggapin ng comment..tag is not allowed daw...papaano ba yun? ano email mo..don ko send...

siyetehan said...
Fri Jul 24, 12:22:00 AM  

paki send na lang po:


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