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Thursday, January 21, 2010 ·

You might notice that there is a new yellow widget posted on the right side of my homepage.

I have enrolled an account on Entrecard- a free blogging network that actually helps to build more traffic (or visitors) to your site.

Now, I have not yet fully understood what are the benefits that I can get from this, but so far, I am satisfied that I have gained more visitors because of this (I see the traffic because of my Live Traffic Feed widget installed on my homepage).

I do hope to understand more of this Entrecard program so that I can maximize whatever values that they can offer to me.

Hopefully, I will try to write the pros and cons so that I can also inform you about Entrecard.


In another (but related) topic, I once posted that I also joined a PPC or Pay-per-click program, Trekpay, sometime in September of this year. The program may not create much income, but I do think the program is just okay for people who have ample time to go and visit advertisers' sites. I already earned at least $5. As I said, this is just small as compared to the other online money making programs but maybe for those of you who have more time, I believe you can earn more. The key in this program is "the more you click/visit, the more you earn credits". The credits will then be converted to its dollar value at the end of the week.

I will tackle more about this once my earnings is deposited on my paypal account.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Lord CM said...
Thu Jan 21, 09:59:00 PM  

Register sana ako nung mabasa ko post mo, kaso sabi dapat daw puro english ang entry lolzz

Atras! di ko kayang i-express ng maganda ang gusto kong sabihin pag englisan na eh :D

Ely Biado said...
Fri Jan 22, 02:48:00 AM  

I am also a member of EntreCard but like you I do not know yet the pros & cons. said...
Fri Jan 22, 03:03:00 PM  

Hi there,

Entrecard can be a great way to get new traffic to your blog.

There are several ways people find your site through their network, in fact, I have included your site in a "quick drop" list of sites with the widget high up on the page (above the fold)

If you are interested in the list it's at

You might get a fair amount of traffic through the list.

Good Luck,

joan said...
Sun Jan 24, 01:20:00 AM  

..ehem.. wala akong alam na ganito. ngayun lang. mamatz sa kaalaman kuya kim! este kuya ano nga ulit? hehe. nu ba name mo ha kuya?? :p

joan said...
Sun Jan 24, 01:22:00 AM  

..ehem.. wala akong alam na ganito. ngayun lang. mamatz sa kaalaman kuya kim! este kuya ano nga ulit? hehe. nu ba name mo ha kuya?? :p

Dinah said...
Mon Jan 25, 12:44:00 AM  

ayos lang din naman ang entrecard. pero parang walang tunay na readership, click click lang :-) but it sure gives traffic.

Anonymous said...
Tue Jan 26, 08:45:00 AM  

ui parang gusto ko nungg trekpay na yun.
tatry ko nga. (feeling may free time ako.haha)

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