When A Newscaster Becomes News

Wednesday, April 15, 2009 ·

ABS CBN, GMA, and other Network's News Mobile Patrol Vehicles are encamped in front of the New Era General Hospital in Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City as they await for further updates on the condition of Trinidad Arteche Etong, wife of ABS CBN Broadcaster Ted Failon (Ted Etong). Trinidad remains in critical condition following the shooting incident yesterday at their house in Tierra Pura Homes, Tandang Sora, Quezon City.

Meanwhile, Ted Failon was held under police custody in Camp Karingal since yesterday for questioning. Failon maintained that his wife committed suicide due to some financial problems the family is experiencing. He further presented a suicide note, allegedly written by his wife on Tuesday night. Failon, however, admitted having a spat with his wife the night before the shooting incident happened.

The police, however, are still investigating on the possibility that there was foul play on the incident because they saw that there are inconsistencies on Failon's issued statements.

While Failon is still not held as a primary suspect, police authorities said that Failon may be charged for tampering with evidence and obstruction of justice because he did not immediately report the incident to the authorities. Police authorities also reported that Failon ordered that the bathroom where his wife was shot be cleaned.

News networks are expected to remain focused with Failon's case and will further await for any updates on the condition of Trinidad Etong who remains to be in comatose at the New Era General Hospital.

Browsed through this interesting post from Neil about this issue. This might interest you :)


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