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Tuesday, April 14, 2009 ·

"Anak, Itabi mo.... Ako na."

- sabi ni Mar Roxas sa latest Political Ad niya kung saan naging instant padyakero siya ng isang pedicab.

Mula sa pagiging Mr. Palengke eh naging Mr. Padyakero naman.

What's next, Senator Roxas?

Sabagay, good or bad publicity is still publicity.


To relate, naalala ko tuloy yung naging isyu dati kay Manny Villar, kung saan nagbitiw siya ng statement, "If you can't raise P1 billion, why even run (for president)?", na tumanggap naman ng iba't ibang reaksiyon mula sa ibang politiko na inaasahan ring posibleng tumakbo sa 2010 presidential elections, including Mar Roxas.

Sabi ni Mar Roxas, "people would elect the next president for the candidate’s platform of government and track record".

Kung susuriing mabuti ang nagiging takbo ng pamumulitika at pangangampanya, mukhang tama nga yata si Villar. Elections is more than just track records, credibility and performance na ipinapahayag ni Roxas. Electoral campaigns will definitely need lots and lots of money.

Dahil mismong si Roxas, hindi pa man nag-uumpisa ang campaign period, gumagastos na nang Milyon- sa advertisement pa lang.


Why Padyak when you can ride your BM?

Nabasa ko ang isang explanation sa 2010 presidentiables blog:

Mar Roxas has been led to this kind of ad for right reasons but its execution was flawed. they concocted this ad using the following key “crisis points”:

• the need to “soften” mar roxas’ brand image. they probably think mar roxas’ image has taken an “a-hole” image coming from his “senator PI” incident and the unabashed display of uncontrolled anger in many occassions. they probably wanted to show in this ad that Mar Roxas is cute, likeable and yes he has been through anger management therapy.

• this one is one of the mortal sins admen and clients seem to commit all the time - they fell madly in love with previous ads that worked. Roxas’ success into senatorial rock star status was his “mr. palengke” tv ad . they fell in love with that ad and they were obsessed with duplicating that success so they chose to graduate roxas from the palengke to the tricycle. this ad is still in the palengke area, he moved from inside the palengke to the outside, now riding a padyak. roxas wanted to replace the “mr. palengke” to “mr. padyak”.

• oh, and yes roxas has defined the advertising strategy for his campaign and they wanted to make sure that is also delivered.

We'll see whether this strategy could make Roxas padyak his way to the palace.


~wawam~ said...
Wed May 20, 02:02:00 AM  

it's amazing how mar roxas did very well in advertising and marketing strategy during the senatorial election when he got elected but now doing very badly at it. mr. roxas must have changed to a new team of ad and marketing practitikoners.

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