My Song: The Vice Presidentiable Series

Wednesday, April 28, 2010 ·

With about ten days to go before the National Election on May 2010, the Vice Presidentiables just can't stop singing....

Mar Roxas sings "If You're Not Here By My Side" by the Menudo. This he can dedicate to his running mate Noynoy Aquino.

Roxas slid down to the VP race to give way for Noynoy's candidacy. Prior to that, Roxas has not been getting good results in the Presidential Surveys. But since he slid down, considered by many as an act of heroism, he's been a consistent #1 in the VP surveys.

Loren Legarda can sing "Never Been To Me".

......I've been to admin, and the opposition, and anywhere I could be....
Pero mukhang matatalo na naman siya (sa pangalawang pagkakataon).

To date, latest Pulse Asia survey results show she is sliding down to #3. Roxas leads, and Binay comes second.

Perfecto Yasay's song would be "Bituing Walang Ningning".

Dati sikat si Yasay noong panahon ni Erap.
Pero ngayon......

Jojo Binay can sing "Just Got Lucky" (with matching dance number together with the Whiplash Dancers).

Though Chiz has endorsed Noynoy for President, he did not pick Noy's runningmate (Roxas), but is endorsing Binay for Vice President.

Latest survey results from Pulse Asia and SWS show Binay is now #2, overtaking Legarda.

Bayani Fernando may not fare well with the surveys. But he was a big hit during the Celebrity Duets in GMA 7. He's proven that he can sing different genre. Because of that, he can san "Wag Na Init Ulo, Beybi" lovingly dedicated to his running mate Dick Gordon who is always blowing his top these days for not ranking in the surveys.

Jay Sonza- no song. See Nick Perlas and JC Delos Reyes rule.

Edu Manzano can dedicate the song "They Don't Really Care About Us" to his running-mate and co-administration candidate Gibo Teodoro.

The surveys do not really care about them, and so are their party mates who keeps jumping ship to other political parties.

"Narito Ako" would be the perfect song for Dominador Chipeco.

Hindi kasi siya isinasali sa mga Vice Presidential Forums, at hindi rin siya kilala ng mga taong kinakamayan niya.


modernonglapis said...
Fri May 21, 09:15:00 AM  

wahaha nakakatuwa naman po itong post na ito! sayang ngayon kolang nakita, tapos na election.hehe. but super true with dominador chipeco, we saw him waving on a van, tapos kami, "sino yun?". tas sabi ng tita ko,"baka nuissance candidate nanaman." hehe.. *ooppss, kung mababasa niyo po ito, pasensiya na po sir,hindi po kasi namin alam.:)*

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