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Tuesday, May 4, 2010 ·

My dearly beloved is celebrating her birthday this lovely month of May and so I am now running out of time as to what to give her on her special day.

My initial idea is to buy her a nice pillow with some special messages printed on it, however, I have noticed that we have a lot of these already. I also thought of buying her a set of earrings to compliment the silver pendant I gave her some years back, but last weekend she went home wearing a new set of earrings she bought from a co-worker.

The idea of giving her a Women's Running Shoes came to my mind last Monday when we brought our daughter for a stroll in the lakeside. We have actually been doing this as a form of relaxation and so that our daughter will get to have a nice view of the lake and the sunrise on early mornings. Here we can also see that a lot of people are taking a jog and/or walk to exercise their bodies. We discussed that jogging or brisk walking is a very good way to exercise because you keep you body fit and you shake off unwanted fats (since you get to perspire a lot), so we thought of trying to jog or walk the next time we visit the lakeside.

But of course, we need to have our outfits ready. I have actually given her a set of Nike Shoes one Christmas day, but since that was years ago, we've found out that the soles are already worn out and she might get an accident if she still uses it.

I have checked the internet and found out that New Balance shoes specialize on Men's and Women's Running Shoes. I am not sure, however, about the latest model, but the one like the picture I placed on this blog is pretty nice and am sure that my beloved will like it because the design and color are very simple but elegant-looking.

I have yet to check on the SRP (suggested retail price), though, because I heard New Balance shoes are quite costly (again, depending on the model).

Well, I think that would be a nice gift, isn't it?


Anonymous said...
Fri May 21, 09:10:00 AM  

wow,oo super nice gift! belated happy birthday to your wife:D

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