Heroes Needed?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009 ·

The past 2 or 3 years marked an emergence of teleseryes in Philippine television featuring various superheroes. Until today, Richard Guttierez's rendition of Zorro, and the rumored remake of Darna starring Marian Rivera, continue to create a buzz in the television industry.
While the format seems to be almost the same
for all of these shows, people continue to watch with delight at how our superheroes fight the bad guys of the community. Thus, TV networks GMA and ABS-CBN continue to produce such kinds of teleseryes in order to hit the watching populace.
And what does this imply? Does this mean to show that we have so many bad guys roaming around the community, and that the only hope we have are heroes that could save us anytime and any place?
We watch in awe at why and how the country still continue to struggle and fight for progress. We watch with sadness at how our political leaders doesn't seem to perform their duties in our country. We watch clueless as to what the future brings upon us.
And we wait and we wait and still wait and hope to have the right leader who can usher our nation to becoming great once again- but still to no avail. With the 2010 election almost at hand, we raise the question: Do we really need to choose a hero to become the next president?
Perhaps the call of the times is not so much that we wait for the hero to come along. Perhaps modern-day heroism is about each one of us doing our own bit, being our own heroes.
-Eirene Aguila, Kaya Natin


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