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Thursday, May 7, 2009 ·

My previous post, Heroes Needed? , is also on Inquirer Blog.
It will always be a joy to realize that what you write may make an impact to people who might read your article.
Para Sa Bayan!


edward via inquirerblog said...
Thu May 07, 11:13:00 PM  

That’s a no brainer question. Of course our leaders should be nothing less than heroes.

But the better question is (taking from a line in a musical): will that hero seek the real good or will he just seek attention?

siyetehan said...
Thu May 07, 11:14:00 PM  


Thank you for your "brainy" comment.

When one person only seeks attention, will you still consider him a hero?

rico baltazar via inquirerblog said...
Thu May 07, 11:15:00 PM  

Bayani Fernando is the type of leader our country needs at this time.I’m residing here in USA but I’ve heard positive feedbacks fr. my friends & relatives there so me & my wife, god willing, might go home 2010 & vote for him.BAYANI !

jr said...
Thu May 07, 11:22:00 PM  

First of all, the tv shows which are continually watched, the dull stories of almost similar plot starred by similar people shows how shallow we are as people.

Our obsession to moviestars and fame has already blinded us from reality. We live in a world of fantasy where heroes like Darna and Captain Barbel exist, in an era where reality tv is popular. Yes, we have reality tv too, but copied from international shows.

Maybe GMA and Channel 7 think of shows that would benefit the public and not just all of those nonsense.

And to end, not all heroes are fit to become President. For heaven’s sake, could we as Filipinos at least think rationally once in our lives?

Matang Dayuhan said...
Thu May 07, 11:24:00 PM  

“Perhaps modern-day heroism is about each one of us doing our own bit, being our own heroes”

I disagree!

If an ordinary Juan de la Cruz on the street would care to follow church’s admonition of using the natural way of birth control, that’s the time you can expect “each one of us doing our own bit, being our own heroes” or

the question is “Do you think Filipinos are responsible people in general”?

Quotes are quotes! They can be idealistically naive and misleading!

alexander via inquirerblog said...
Thu May 07, 11:32:00 PM  

Sorry to break this to you, but, I do not think a great president will ever come out of the country. As the years go by the Philippines appears doomed to stay the way it is forever. The country does not have the natural resources besides an ever growing population on its back. The yield from the land is hardly supporting the over population. Right now, the Philippine economy relies mostly on OFW remittances which are understandable for a country whose prime resource is population or labor force.

In order to turn the tide, the Philippines needs total cleansing from its corrupt ways which plagues its leadership (government and public servants) down to its lowly citizens. Immorality, indecency and illiteracy are at an all time high even for a majority Catholic country. If you take a survey of 100 working citizen anywhere in the country, majority (75%) would prefer to work in a foreign country. This by the way only creates more social problems since the family is split up and can lead to dysfunctional and emotional problems within the family

macario said...
Thu May 07, 11:33:00 PM  

perfect observation. the poor suffering public is really finding solace in these teleseryes which do good only to the big two tv companies and their “stars”. there’s no use looking for superheroes for as long as each “educated” person in philippine society don’t lift a finger to better this country. Each must contribute anything good to the community no matter how little or how insignificant it may appear. e.g. traffic rules, backyard gardening, saving a little from whatever earrnings they make, community and home sanitation, greening our bald landscapes, energy conservation, etc., anything good that is doable and by which not only will the doer benefits from his deed but the community as a whole. Yes we look up to a hero leader, but that leader and hero is just there deep within each Fililpino, untapped, and unproductive. changes happen only when each contribute to create an insurmountable impact. let’s counter evil in this society with little good deeds whatever that may be. start with yourself.

ToMatangDayuhan said...
Mon May 11, 08:19:00 PM  

Asking the writer to do his part first before you do yours defeats the idea of being our own heroes, don't you think?

Your idea of saving the country is waiting for that one perfect national savior. And if that political Abraham doesn't come by, I guess your Plan B is... um, wait further? Have you no ounce of faith in the people you are hoping to save?

Please re-read your comment. You're getting in the way of your own views.

pinoypower said...
Wed May 13, 10:14:00 PM  

have been an OFW for the past 25 years. Being a self made man I never relied on the person sitting in Malacanang to improve my life and that of my family. Yet, I still hope that one day and I believe that would be in 2010 that the right person will be elected and finally bring prosperity to all Filipinos. He will definitely be a hero if he can do that. He will be looked upon and adored by the masses just like the superheroes in ABS-CBN and GMA teleseryes.
Just like in the TV some like Zorro, others prefer Darna while others love Lastikman or maybe even Totoy Bato.
My hero in 2010 would be Mar Roxas and here are my reasons:
1. Good family background: ex- Pres Manuel Roxas as grandfather and ex- Sen Gerry Roxas as father.
2. Excellent educational background: Ateneo and Wharton University.
3. Excellent government track record: No corruption case against him, author of pro-poor law like the Cheap Medicine Act,
pioneer and promoter of call centers and business process outsourcing which now employs over 400,000 Filipinos directly.
4. Openly advocates and fight for pre-need victims, education, CARP and economic prosperity.

We all have our heroes and our country need all of them as there are as much villains as there are heroes. Name your heroes so we can all admire them and hope that HE is the real one in 2010.

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