Catch Me If You Can

Monday, July 4, 2011 ·

It's now a year since Noynoy Aquino resumed office as President of the Republic, and so far, the most significant accomplishment he made is to run after the misdeeds of former president Gloria Arroyo and her administration.

This is the same sentiment shared by ex-budget secretary Benjamin Diokno who said that PNOY's “Daang Matuwid” campaign has made him too concerned about cleaning up after the previous administration that he ends up not doing enough to improve the economy.

Though the battlecry of Noy's electoral campaign in 2010 is actually to minimize corruption in the Philippines (kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap), I hope that the President will still heed to the other side of governance, which is to ensure that his constituents will be taken cared of, specifically with their basic needs.

It is really quite appalling to note that within a year of his administration, we have witnessed how the cost of living has significantly increased. What's more, PNOY can only say that he is not in control of the rising prices in basic commodities.

Mr. President, there is really nothing wrong with running after the previous administration. But there should be specific government agencies whom you can direct to run after the misdeeds of the previous organization. You have already impressed among the people of your seriousness in battling graft and corruption.

It is about time that the Filipino people witness a President who shows concern, not only on things of the past, but on things that matter more to the common filipino- jobs, education, health, peace and order.


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