Sunday, June 27, 2010 ·

• After several years of following up and commenting on the columns of The Filipino Voices, I feel the lack of interest in returning to their website simply because I found out that now, the site is only for (Selected) Filipino Voices only. They started to moderate people's comments and it seems to me that they only get to approve comments made by regular columnists. Thus, the common people's voices is not bothered anymore. Many thanks, and salute, though, goes to Nick of Tingog.com for putting up such an informative site. But then again, it's only for Selected Filipino Voices.

• Away-bati, away-bati, away-bati. C'mon, people! I've had enough of the Kris Aquino-James Yap story! I bet they'd reconcile, anyway.

• Even before the president-elect Noynoy Aquino assumes office on June 30, lots of leftist groups are already doing rallies at Times Street. Many politicians have ressurected (laos na dati, mabango na naman ngayon), various groups are giving unsolicited advise to the president-elect, many congressmen are jumping ship from one party to the Liberal Party (the latest of which is Congressman-elect Manny Pacquiao). Where is change? Or are we just back from the usual cycle of governance?

I hope I am mistaken.


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