Beyond Money, Machinery and Popularity

Tuesday, December 15, 2009 ·

Time and again, our nation’s future is slowly being defined as history unfolds itself into our very eyes.

Early this year 2009, about six or more candidates are inching their way trying to get to the top slots in the presidential surveys conducted by the SWS and Pulse Asia. The surveys, of course, are a big indicator in determining the winnability of candidates in the coming election.

However, as God Himself has orchestrated the times and seasons of our nation, the historic death of former President Corazon Aquino in August 2009 has strongly influenced the way the Filipino people will choose its next president. It is as if death created a spark of change in our political situation.

With the sympathy pouring generously for the Aquino family, the whole nation watching in the streets and on national television as the queen of democracy is paraded to his final resting place, the eyes of the people saw a new brand of leader in the person of Cory’s son Noynoy Aquino.

Days after, people are clamoring for Noynoy to run for president. Then Liberal Party standard-bearer Mar Roxas announced that he is taking the sacrifice of bowing out of contention to give way for Noynoy’s candidacy. He is seconded by Ed Panlilio and Jojo Binay, also moving out of the race.

A lot of political analysts are skeptical on Noynoy’s capability, however. As they say, he is just fortunate enough on being the son of Ninoy and Cory. But with the surveys showing a big upsurge of Noynoy’s name from nil to top since Cory's death, we can only assess that Noynoy has become a person to beat in 2010.

No doubt, Noynoy became a sudden popular candidate due to the death of Cory, which happens to be about the time when political parties are trying to gauge whom they will finally endorse in November’s certificate of filing of candidacy.

With the other hopefuls bowing out of the race and the administration’s Lakas-Kampi finally announcing their selected standard-bearer, we are now down to three big names vying for the top post- Manny Villar who has the money and the longest preparation, Gibo Teodoro who has the machinery and the backing-up of businessman Danding Cojuangco, and Noynoy who has the popularity and sympathy of the people.

Now, the focus is suddenly shifted from the candidates to the voting populace. With the money, machinery and popularity evenly distributed among the three formidable candidates, the people are given the immense power to choose who among them will next reside in the palace.

As we choose, may we not give weight on the above-mentioned capabilities, but rather concern ourselves in identifying what our candidates has done in the past and what our candidates can do in the future.

We must do our research and find out their track records as public officials. Equally important, we should also be aware of what they can promise to do have they been given the chance to become president.

Now, more than ever, the voting people can become the catalysts for change in choosing the right person who can bring about hope for the Philippines.


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