Political Signs And Colors

Sunday, March 28, 2010 · 5 comments

Kaiba sa mga nagdaang campaigns, lutang sa ere ng kampanyahan ang mga political colors at signs ng iba't ibang partido.

Kung may dilaw ang Liberal nila Noynoy Aquino at Mar Roxas, berde naman ang kulay nina Gibo Teodoro, Edu Manzano at ng administration candidates.

Habang patuloy na nag-aagawan sina Erap Estrada at Manny Villar sa kulay orange, napagpasyahan naman nina Dick Gordon at Bayani Fernando na dalawang kulay ang gamitin- blue at pink.

Dilaw si Bro. Eddie Villanueva, green naman si Ja-ja-ja-Jamby Madrigal, habang sina Nick Perlas at JC Delos Reyes ay hindi naman masyadong nakikialam sa mga kulay kulay.

Sikat din ngayon ang mga signs. May L o laban sign si Noynoy, may check sign naman si Villar. Letter V si Bro. Eddie, habang nag-uumpugang kamao naman ang tirada ni Gibo. Si Erap, well, ibinabandera pa rin ang kanyang agimat na wristband.

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Sa araw ng halalan. Ano nga ba ang ating panuntunan sa pagpili ng ibobotong kandidato?

Hindi mahalaga kung ano ang kulay at senyas ng mga kamay. Sa huli, ang karakter at kakayahang mamuno ang dapat nating maging panuntunan sa pagpili.

PUP Students Protest From Tuition Fee Increase

Wednesday, March 24, 2010 · 8 comments

Oo na.

Mali naman talaga na 2,000% ang proposed increase ng Tuition Fee para sa mga Freshmen students ng PUP sa darating na pasukan.

Pero mali rin naman ang ginawa ng mga estudyante na ipagbatuhan ang mga upuan mula sa itaas ng building at sunugin ang mga ito habang nagwa-walkout sa klase at nagra-rally.

Reklamo kayo ng reklamo para ayusin ang mga pasilidad pero kayo rin naman ang sumisira sa mga gamit na sana'y magagamit pa ng mga estudyanteng gustong mag-aral!

Sino ang makapagsasabing tama lang ang ginawa ninyong paninira?

Beware of NSE Philippines (International)

Sunday, March 14, 2010 · 13 comments

It pays to investigate and do some research.

I was reading the 4th installment of the Harry Potter Book series (Goblet of Fire) while waiting for my wife one night at the Mercury Drugstore Tandang Sora branch when one guy approached me and asked what I was reading. He then proceeded to ask other information about the Harry Potter story and even commented that he liked Harry Potter rather than the Twilight series. I answered reluctantly and proceeded with my reading.

After a while, he continued to chat with me and asked if I'm waiting for somebody. Not wanting to show some disrespect, I again answered his question and closed the book, hoping for my wife to arrive soon. He then asked me what church I'm attending. I said I am attending at the Jesus Loves You City Church, a born-again church at Mandaluyong City.

I was glad when he said to me that he is also attending a christian church at the back of Megamall, Ortigas and that he is handling a cell group every week. Because he seems allright and introduced himself as a christian, I gave in and conversed with him. He even asked me my cellphone number because he told me that he might be inviting me if there are activities on their church. He also presented himself as an IT-related person working for in Ortigas. I even commented that he has no problems going to church because his work is near his church at St. Francis square.

After a week or two, a guy called me up and introduced himself as the one whom I was able to talk to at Mercury Drug Tandang Sora. He then proceeded that he is actually an executive of a multi-national company and asked me if I am willing to take some part-time job that can give me additional 15,000 to 20,000 income per month. He assured me that it will not, in any way, humper my current work, and that I will only consume about 4 to 6 hours per week for the part-time job.

He even said that he found me nice to converse with, and that I am the type of person that would fit well for the job, the plus factor of which is my current profession being an accountant.

Sensing some irregularities (1. first off, he introduced himself with a work related with IT then later he said he's an executive 2. how come he can gauge that I am fit for a work when we only met for about 10 to 20 minutes 3. he didn't even see my resume 4. he didn't present the name of the company), I asked him what is the nature of the part-time job that he offers.

He said that he can't discuss the matter over the phone because it is too long and the line is a bit choppy. He invited me to come to his office either on Monday at 6:30 p.m., or on Saturday at 1:00 p.m. so he can discuss fully about the business proposal. He also told me to come on business attire because he said that they are an American company and I need to look well during the interview. He also clarified that I should be on-time in order to show that I am a professional person.

He then said that his office is at the 15th floor, Octagon Building, San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig. Until this time, he still did not disclose the name of the company. I persisted on knowing the name of the company, and finally he felt obliged to say that the company is NSE International.

I confirmed that I would be coming over on the Saturday schedule, but before Saturday came, I tried to check on the internet about the company's business.

I was glad to have checked because I found out that NSE Philippines or International or is actually a Networking Business that offers NUSkin products, and that they are forcefully persuading people to give some investment money.

(To be fair with the guy who invited me, I sent him a text message to say that I wouldn't come to his office because I am not interested to join any Networking business, however, I haven't received any response since then)

Let me make it clear that a Networking Business is not actually bad. I know of a lot of friends who are into networking, and I admire then for having that gift of marketing prowess. But for those of you out there who are into it, give us a favor and:

1. Be honest with your intentions. Tell prospective recruits directly about the business and about what you are offering to them.

2. Do not force people to layout cash. People get interested with networking and part-time business because they want to earn extra money. If you get money from them by forceful means, it is no good.

3. Do not make out stories that are not true. Tell only the truth about the work/product, and don't sugarcoat.


Browse over at what google has to say about NSE Philippines, and find out about the complaints:

key word1: 15th floor octagon building

key word2: NSE Philippines

key word3: NSE International

Stem Cell Research: Good Or Bad?

Thursday, March 11, 2010 · 1 comments

"Can the end ever justify the means? That is the proverbial question that surrounds the research and ground-breaking studies about Stem Cells.

But before we go on any further with our discussion, perhaps we need to get a better understanding about what stems cells are. Wikipedia defines Stem Cells are cells that are found in most multi-cellular organisms. They are cells that can be distinguished by two important characteristics: 1) self renewal or the ability to go through numerous cycles whil maintaining its undifferentiated state, and 2) potency or the capacity to differentiate into specialized cell types. To simplify further, stem cells are those cells that has the potential to regenerate tissues over a lifetime.

Over the years, scientists and researchers have proven that Adult Stem Cells are actually very essential in the treatment of diseases like Leukemia, Spinal Cord Injuries, Heart Disease, among others. With this, there is no question about the importance of continuously doing stem cell research because we are seeing that they are beneficial in treating diseases. To give a concrete example, a research study was conducted about adult stem cells at the University of Houston by Dr. Robert Schwartz. Dr. Schwarts found out that skin cells can be implanted and regrown into developed beating heart beat cells to repair the damages caused by heart attacks.

Scientific and medical procedures involving adult stem cells do not lead to questions because the cells used in the curement of disease are taken from adults. There are, however, other lots of studies that involve the use of embryonic stem cells. Undoubtedly, these types of studies stirred up debates and discussions because the embryonic stem cells used in the studies are harvested from live human embryos. As a result, the human embryos are destroyed in the process. And because of this, it is but natural that pro-life organizations and churches disagree with continuing the studies about it. Besides, there are no proven treatments yet discovered out of embryonic stem cells studies.

Living in this fast-paced technologies and lots of ground-breaking scientific discoveries, I could not help but wonder about what is more that man will achieve in the coming years. As man continues to look for ways to improve and prolong his life, I am leaving you with the main question raised at a movie presentation about Stem Cells research:

To what extent can we use another human life to help our own?

May it be that we will always discern to think and to do what is right according to God's judgement.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010 · 3 comments

Kung ka-edaran kita at halos eh nasa elementary grade ka ng 1980s hanggang early 1990s, malamang sa malamang eh alam mo yung sikat na sikat na Caronia Nail Polish Commercial jingle na kalaunan eh ginawang spoof ng Tropang Trumpo (Channel 5) nila Michael V at Ogie Alcasid noon hindi pa sila lumilipat sa Channel 7 para sa Bubble Gang.

Malamang din eh hindi nail polish ang tawag mo doon sa maliliit na boteng ginagamit ng nanay mo sa pagkukulay ng kuko, kundi, Kyutiks, o Cutics (ang sabi ni Misis, siguro daw ay nakuha ang word na ito sa salitang cuticle).


Mas madalas mang gamitin ng mga babae ang kyutiks, may mga mangilan-ngilan din namang mga lalake na gumagamit nito, yun nga lang, ang ginagamit lang nila ay yung natural color, o yung kyutiks na walang kulay, at nagpapakintab lang ng kuko.


Pero sa aming bahay noong araw, alam kong hindi lang sa kuko ginagamit ng aking ina ang kyutiks, dahil nakikita ko rin na ipinapahid niya ito paminsan-minsan sa kanyang mga stockings.

Bilang isang guro sa Licab Central School (pampublikong paaralan sa Nueva Ecija), laging naka-uniporme si nanay at laging may suot na stockings tuwing papasok- at sa pagkakaalam ko, nilalagyan niya ng kyutiks o nail polish ang parte ng stockings kung saan nagkaroon ng run, o sira.

Noon, akala ko eh nilalagyan ng kyutiks para maayos ang sira. Kailan ko lang nalaman na nilalagyan pala ng kyutiks para hindi na tumuloy ang sira ng stockings.


Paminsan-minsan ay nakakakita pa rin ako ng mga maliliit na bote ng kyutiks sa bahay, pero alam kong hindi na ito ginagamit ng aking ina upang ipahid sa stockings. Retirado na kasi siya, at bihirang-bihira na rin siyang magsuot ngayon ng stockings. Ngunit kailanman, ang mga mumunting bote ng kyutiks na ito ay magsisilbing ala-ala na minsan, isang panahon sa aming buhay ay gumawa ang aking ina ng paraan upang magtipid at gamitin ng wasto ang salapi alang-alang sa kapakanan ng kanyang mga anak.

Computers Then And Now

Wednesday, March 3, 2010 · 1 comments

Last Saturday, I stumbled upon some old school things I used way back in the 1990s when I was studying High School. Assorted books, notebooks and papers are contained in my school bag, and scanning through them, I chanced upon seeing my old notebook for my Computer Subject in Third Year High.

Back then, Desktop Computers have just been introduced in our school, so you can just imagine that a lot of people, including me, have no any idea with regards to operating and/or using them. Of course, only a few families could afford to purchase their own units. So during those times, whenever we have group projects and we need computers, we have to go and visit our classmates who own a computer. The Microsoft Office Words and Excel were not yet popular, and what we use were the Lotus 123 and the Wordstar.

Fifteen years or so later, computer models have evolved fantastically; and we now have Laptop Computers that we could bring and use anywhere and anytime we want. Now we have the latest version of MS Office, plus we can access (almost) anything, thanks to the internet.

As I scan my old notebook, it is always good to look back and re-learn the basics of one of the most important inventions made by mankind- the computer. So for this blog, I will discuss the basic components that make up a computer system.

1. Computer Monitors- Computer monitors pertain to the screen, or the tv-like component of the computer system. This is where you are able to view what the computer is processing at the moment.

2. Keyboards- Keyboards are somewhat similar to the qwerty pads used in our old reliable typewriters. This is what we use when we want to type and/or encode transactions in the computer. The significant difference between the computer keyboards versus the typewriters are the F1 to F12 keys command keys at the top of the keyboard.

3. Computer Mice- or most popularly called as the "mouse", a great help in placing commands and in moving the cursor from one point to the other.

4. Printers- The printer is where the final output document is being processed, or, as the name suggests, this is where the final document is being printed.

5. Central Processing Unit- More commonly known as the CPU, the central processing unit is the heart and brain of the computer. This is where all the transactions are stored and processed as a person gives its command by using the keyboard/mouse, and before the output is shown on the monitor or printed on the computer.

Those are actually the five most basic components of a Computer System. But today, additional parts may include Computer Speakers, Webcams, Microphones, among others.

For the external storage devices, the floppy (5 1/4 and 3 1/2) disks are already obsolete. We now use compact disks and USBs.

Also as I have mentioned before, only a few can purchase computer systems because they are a bit expensive to common regular income earners. But today, it has almost become a necessity for every family to own one unit. And today, it is not that difficult to purchase a unit.

Computer units are actually available for purchase even online. However, it is always advisable that we visit reliable internet sites whenever we purchase items using the internet.

As we look forward for the coming years, we do hope that new technologies and ground-breaking inventions will be discovered to help us doing our jobs more efficiently.


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