Distortion of the Truth

Wednesday, May 13, 2009 ·

Relative to a previous post about irresponsible advertisements being shown on National TV, MTRCB Chair Marissa Laguardia has sent a letter to Ruperto Nicdao Jr., chair of Ad Standards Council Inc. and Herman BasbaƱo, president of the Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas concerning complaints on LBC's latest advertisement featuring a child who, when asked to spell remittance, answered, "LBC", and to which the game show host (played by OMB Chair) Edu Manzano, responded, "Tumpak!".

Laguardia describes the advertisement as a "Distortion of the truth".

Furthermore, she stresses out that, “to young minds, without the guidance of an adult, this presents an instructional digression. The average child may not have an adult’s grasp of figures of speech.”


How come the advertisement passed the review without this hoopla being noticed by the board?

Why did Edu Manzano, an Optical Media Board Chaiman himself, accepted and played for the advertisement. Isn't he, being the chair, knowledgeable on this matter?

Who is responsible? All the while, we have the MTRCB, and now, we have the ASC operating under the KBP.

And for goodness' sake, please intensify how you regulate any and every tv shows and advertisements being shown on television.


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